Back to the Mat: Day #3

Welcome to Day #3 of the Back to the Mat challenge!

Ever feel like your lower body just needs a lift? Me too.

Today I’m giving you a lower body Pilates workout designed to tone, strengthen, and lift. In just 15 minutes, you’ll work your hips, booty, thighs, and calves. And as always, your abs will get a great workout too.

The Back to the Mat workouts are no longer available to the public, but they are always available for Sisterhood members! Enrollment for The Balanced Life Sisterhood is currently closed, but will open again in 2019. CLICK HERE to join the waitlist.

Enjoy your workout!


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  1. Marie Labonte 8 months ago

    I am enjoying the series! Just enough to make a big difference! Thank for this free challenge! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Anna 8 months ago

    Love it!

  3. Dionissia 8 months ago


  4. Christine 8 months ago

    Day 3 done – thank you!
    And thanks for getting me through the YouTube blip last night so I could get back on track with the challenge. It feels great!

  5. Kathleen 8 months ago

    Day 3 – going strong 🙂

  6. Sam 8 months ago

    Day 3 ✅
    Omg, a bit harder today especially the last set of palates 😱😬😲 but otherwise 😉

  7. Nancy Brown 8 months ago

    I am feeling my age and NEED for this workout!

  8. Linda 8 months ago

    Day 3 done

  9. Ellen 8 months ago

    this is an EXCELLENT series and you are a great teacher! Thanks so much for all these programs!

  10. Joanne 8 months ago

    Day3= total awesomeness! I feel energized!!

  11. Julie 8 months ago

    Day 3 completed, was hesitant as sore from a body pump class yesterday but i think it actually helped, it stretched out my quads and glutes and calves. Looking forward to day 4. Thanks

  12. Grace 8 months ago

    Another great workout ! Sore from yesterday but in a good way!

  13. Krista 8 months ago

    Day 3 done! Awesome workout!!!

  14. Kris 8 months ago

    Wow. That’s killer. Especially when I have one side that my hip and hamstring are so very tight. Looking forward to day 4!

  15. Nimita 8 months ago

    Thank you Robin, going strong finished Day 3! Really enjoying the variety of the exercises

  16. Sharon 8 months ago

    What a great series! You are very easy to follow with clear instructions!
    Thank you for giving this free Pilates

  17. Katherine 8 months ago

    Loved this! Exactly what I needed 🙂

  18. Mike Richards 8 months ago

    Thank you!

  19. Shannon Fish 8 months ago

    Absolute perfect! Loving this free series. Day 3 complete.

  20. Jen 8 months ago

    Awesome! I didn’t receive day 4 or 5

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