Back to the Mat: Day #1

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Hi Beauties!

Welcome to Day #1 of the Back to the Mat challenge.


Today we’re kicking things off with a full-body Pilates workout, Total Body Tone.

This routine is designed to build strength and give you the boost of energy you need to get through the day. In a short amount of time, you’ll get a well-rounded workout that will sculpt your body from head to toe.




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  1. Jenn 3 years ago

    What a wonderful start … thank you

  2. Mary 3 years ago

    Thanks for a nice workout. Great instructor.

  3. Jean 3 years ago

    Thank you ! Perfect way to start the day.

  4. Betty 3 years ago

    Loved that it was just 15 minutes! Great quick workout!

  5. Kelli 3 years ago

    Loved this workout! A great way to start the day!

  6. Ann 3 years ago

    Thank you! what a terrific way to start my day.

  7. Dinissia 3 years ago

    It was amazing!thank you!
    I can wait for the next one!!👏👏

  8. Sheila 3 years ago

    Awesome! As usual of course. Thank you so much for these workouts

  9. Jan Jones 3 years ago

    Looking forward to a stronger back. Thanks for the inspiring workout.

  10. Marybeth 3 years ago

    Great start!

  11. Jessica 3 years ago

    Day 1 done. Thank you.

  12. Erin 3 years ago

    Thank you.
    Your challenger motivated me out of bed Before my children were up.
    What a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you again.

  13. Valerie 3 years ago

    Day one of the challenge – check! I enjoyed the workout and feel energized to take on the day!

  14. vjhertz 3 years ago

    Loved the workout, even though I have a VERY deconditioned body! Other than the side planks, I did it! Any suggestions for working into a plank? I’m too heavy & a bit arthritic to do as shown

    • Sarah 3 years ago

      @[email protected] – so glad to have you joining us! Planks take time – feel free to modify them as you build your strength by starting with both knees down, or if you are in a side plank – with one knee down!

  15. Dawn Gauss 3 years ago

    Day one is done. Thank you for a wonderful start to my day.

  16. Sally Lapka 3 years ago

    I hope to make this a habit..

    • Author
      Robin Long 3 years ago

      I believe in you Sally! Stick with me – I’ll help. 🙂

  17. Kate 3 years ago

    Thanks! Felt great!

  18. janequiltsslowly 3 years ago

    Great workout!

  19. Barb 3 years ago

    I liked that a lot! I usually do “Pilates for Buff Bones” twice a week as I have osteopenia, but it takes an hour each time. 15 minutes is very easy to do and I do feel like I have had a workout. Some of the same exercises but the position makes it a bit more intense. Thanks!

  20. Karen 3 years ago

    This was a great start. Just the right amount of everything. Thank you.

  21. connieschweyer 3 years ago

    I enjoyed the workout. But I couldn’t do as long or as many my joints complained too much. Will get better with practice

  22. Nancy 3 years ago

    Done! Thank you!

  23. Renee 3 years ago

    great start. I will admit as much as I wanted to do these, I did have to talk myself into beginning today. It was a long weekend. I feel great now! The only thing I couldn’t do was the side plank, but I WILL get there. I can feel the burn in my abs and legs. Some lower back discomfort but I am sure it will pass as I become more flexible. Thank you so much for getting me started!

  24. Janet 3 years ago



  25. Pamela 3 years ago

    1st day done, and it felt great. However, wish that it had been at the ocean with you!

  26. Stacy Townsend 3 years ago

    I did it! Feel great…thanks for getting me motivated!

  27. Andrea 3 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for a great start! Perfect Pilates routine to do after a long walk.

  28. Paula 3 years ago

    Done! I am very out of shape and had a difficult time with the side planks, but liked the workout

    • Author
      Robin Long 3 years ago

      Side planks are hard Paula. You’re not alone. Don’t hesitate to modify and just trust the process. You’ll look back on how far you’ve come soon! Keep at it. 🙂

  29. Janice 3 years ago

    It was great! You really did a great job of package in a little bit of everything. Thanks for the workout!

  30. Nancy 3 years ago

    wonderful workout! Thanks so much.

  31. Karein Macaulay 3 years ago

    Don’t do instagram. Did do day 1! Thanks

  32. Sherry 3 years ago

    Great workout! Perfect amount of time to squeeze this into my busy day. Thank you! Looking forward to day 2!

  33. Margaret 3 years ago

    Great first workout!

  34. Sherrie Hilliard 3 years ago

    Done! just right after a day of painting ; )

  35. Mary Buckner 3 years ago

    Felt great! It’s been a while since I’ve done Pilates. Looking forward to tomorrow’so workout!

  36. Amy 3 years ago

    Loved this workout and the instructor was perfect!

  37. Karin 3 years ago

    Thank you! Exercised regularly for years but gave fallen off the past two years. This is a wonderful way to get back. Realize how much better my body feels when I use it!

  38. Lisa 3 years ago

    Day 1 done. Loved it, thank you!

  39. Jessica 3 years ago

    Day 1 finished! Loved it! Can’t wait for tomorrow

  40. Kelly 3 years ago

    Done! Feeling good even though I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow, haha! (Totally new to Pilates.) Thank you!

  41. Jeanne Leon 3 years ago

    Great 15 minute work out.

  42. mary.lindahl5 3 years ago

    I am a day behind. I just completed Day 1. It was a challenge for sure. I am not able to get on my knees so for those reps, I did them against the wall. Out of shape so I did have to modify quite a bit. I still feel like I had a good workout! Any suggestions?

    • Sarah 3 years ago

      We are so glad you are joining us, Mary! Keep practicing Pilates – you will strengthen with time and diligence! 🙂

  43. Jan 3 years ago

    Day 1 Completed. I will keep trying on the side plank! Thank you.

  44. Alysha 3 years ago

    Oh no. I started this series a few days late, and it looks like the YouTube links have disappeared.

    • Sarah 3 years ago

      Now that the 7-Day challenge is over, the workouts are available for The Balanced Life Sisterhood Members. The Sisterhood is a monthly/annual subscription to a community dedicated to health, wellness, and balance. You can find more information, and join The Sisterhood, here! We would love to welcome you, into The Sisterhood where you will have access to these workouts and much more!

  45. Sue Symons 3 years ago

    I am a Sisterhood member and am trying to access the Back to the Mat series. Is this still possible?

  46. Karen 3 years ago

    Restarting the Back to the Mat workout. Didn’t finish and it was taking me so long to do the workout. Today, I was able to almost keep up. Thank you for keeping this available to keep trying to finish.

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