Back to the Mat: Day #6

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Way to go on making it to Day 6 of The Back to the Mat challenge! Keep going strong and don’t give up now. It’s only going to get better from here.

Now, let’s do Pilates…

Do you find yourself sitting at a computer a lot? Or maybe constantly looking down at your phone?

You’re not alone.

Our society is plagued with a posture problem due to our daily activities. But the good news is that Pilates can help! In fact, it’s one of the BEST forms of exercise to restore good posture and prevent postural problems (back pain, neck pain, injury, etc.) down the road.

In today’s 15-minute Pilates routine, you’ll open up tight chest muscles, release upper back tension, and most importantly, build strength in your core and upper back. When you’re done you’ll feel tall, strong, and refreshed!

(And, if you enjoy this workout, you’ll LOVE the posture-focused workouts inside The Sisterhood: Posture & Poise, Back & Spine Health, and Core Focus…just to name a few)

The Back to the Mat workouts are no longer available to the public, but they are always available for Sisterhood members! Curious about becoming a member and having continued access to these workouts and SO many more? CLICK HERE to join the waitlist! 



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  1. Nancy Brown 8 months ago

    A good stretch, Thanks, Robin!

  2. Sandy 8 months ago

    Wow, I am 60 and don’t think I have stretched those muscles in a looong time. Esp the one lying on my stomach and doing the kick, kick! Thank you Robin. You are a sweetheart!

  3. Sue 8 months ago

    Another great workout. Just listening to you Robin relaxes me.

  4. Tatyana 8 months ago

    I loved it!
    Thank you

  5. Ellen 8 months ago

    Loved it! super workout and almost finished the 7 Day WONDER challenge
    Thanks a million, Robin!

  6. Joanne 8 months ago

    Pilates swimming is so HARD!
    Another great workout!

  7. Mike Richards 8 months ago

    Kona (my husky) decided I was a salt lick during today’s workout.

  8. Melinda 8 months ago

    I’m a day late on this one but still really enjoyed the workout. Looking forward to completing the challenge tomorrow.

  9. susanathome1976 8 months ago

    Feels so good to stretch! So happy I found sisterhood, thank you Robin.

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