April Abs: workout #1


Happy Friday Beauties!

Every Friday in April I’ll be posting a quick ab routine that you can do throughout the week. They’ll be short and effective because I know you’re short on on time.

They’re super casual, from my home (with messy hair) to yours.

Once you’ve completed this workout snap a photo and share it with me on Instagram or Facebook! Use the hashtag #TBLAprilAbs.



PS – if you’re looking for more try this arm workout and leg workout too!

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  1. Kim 7 years ago

    Love this!! Thank you Robin. I so love all the efforts you put into helping others with our health. I have been running again and I’m training to run a 5K. I have been adding Pilates to my routine and just love it!

  2. Pat 7 years ago

    Great Ab workout Robin! Especially after all we did Wed. in class, WOW! Mine are saying, welcome back from vacation. Thanks for all you do!

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Nice job Pat! Glad you’re making up for your vacation. 🙂

  3. jennifer 7 years ago

    Yay! I miss your 28 days of pilates series (which introduced me to your site!) so I’m happy you’re doing this!

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Great! Welcome Jennifer! Stay tuned because my next FULL challenge will be kicking off on 5/12. And it’s going to be a fun one 🙂

      • Jennifer 7 years ago

        That’s the first day of my vacation lol. I’ll have to catch up when I get back!

  4. Mary 7 years ago

    Wooh – felt the burn on that one!

  5. Melissa 7 years ago

    Morning! Just found this cute little ab workout – love it! Thank you!

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