Apple-Blueberry-Mango Smoothie + Vitamix

Hi Beauties!

2 things I’m loving this morning: the spring sunshine and my Vitamix.

I REALLY hesitated spending so much money on a blender. In fact, I bought 2 other high-powered blenders before finally splurging on the Vitamix.

And believe it or not, it was our pediatrician that gave me the final push I needed to make the purchase, and I have never looked back.

My daughter is a great eater now, but she wasn’t always that way. Up until her second birthday she had very little interest in solid food. I wouldn’t call her picky, she just wasn’t interested in food in general. I breastfed her until she was 20 months old, but she was slowly dropping on the growth charts so we really had to focus on getting the most nutritional bang for our buck during her meals and snacks.

I didn’t want to give her meal replacement shakes from the grocery store because of the high sugar content so after our pediatrician mentioned her love for the Vitamix, I went home and pulled the trigger.

I have used it almost every day since!


The beauty of the Vitamix is the way it blends everything until is it smooth and creamy – no spinach flecks, no pesky seeds, etc.

We started giving my daughter smoothies with almond milk, almond butter, avocado, greek yogurt, spinach, sweet potatoes…you name it, we put it in a smoothie. And as long as we put her favorite fruits in there she would drink them without complaint.

Here’s a smoothie recipe I’ve been loving lately…

Apple-Blueberry-Mango Smoothie

Apple-Blueberry-Mango Smoothie

Serves 2


1 cup organic apple juice

1 cup filtered water

1 handful of fresh spinach (optional)

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1/4 cup frozen mango

1 tablespoon sun butter

1 teaspoon chia seeds

4 ice cubes


Blend and enjoy!



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  1. Heather Holmes 5 years ago

    I second your recommendation for vitamix! Mine was a gift & now I could never go back to another blender again.

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  3. Katherine 5 years ago

    Just bought one yesterday!! Now wondering if I can make ramen noodles in it… j/k 🙂 We made a smoothie this morning and the texture was amazing! Think I could have blended it a little longer, wasn’t quite smooth enough for the kids but they liked it. Excited to do more experimenting!

    • Robin Long 5 years ago

      So fun! Yes, I blend mine for awhile to get it super smooth for my toddler. Prior to the Vitamix I couldn’t blend seeds or veggies or she would notice. Now she drinks it happily. Hope you love it!

  4. carey berry 5 years ago

    I am so excited to learn about reconditioned Vitamix blenders! I think I can justify one of these. My current blender is at least 25 years old and it is so tired of making smoothies and mayo.
    I wonder: does anyone know which models can grind wheat or other grains?

  5. Amy 5 years ago

    We have a picky eater – he’s 15 month and not very interested in anything but purees. The vitamin has been AWESOME! Skip the baby bullet and spring for this amazing kitchen tool. Love it, love it, love it and the self-clean feature is fantastic too!

  6. Cheryl Bosh 4 years ago

    Ladies I am wanting to purchase a Vitamix, can you recommend a model? There are so many choices is’t overwhelming.

    Thank you!

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