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I received a letter from a reader last week that reminded me why I began this blog and why continue to do what I do each day.

Her words touched me and I think they’re worth sharing…

“Hi Robin. I just found your blog and am so amazed. I have been
trying to convince myself and the other people in my life that
“healthy” is important, and skinny, thin, diets… those are not
important. So I was so grateful to find your blog and someone with a
similar mindset. I love your blog and I love what you are doing with
it! It’s such an important message. Healthy. Balanced lifestyle. I
just want to say thank you… At this moment you are the only person
in my life supporting those notions, although certainly others mean
to. They just get caught up in how important our culture makes
superficial traits.”

I removed her name because things like this can feel very personal to share.

We’re taught to feel ashamed if we’re not on the  “get skinny, look perfect” bandwagon. I applaud her for her desire to take a different path.

It’s easy to join the crowd, bash your body and engage in “fat talk.”

It’s hard to go against the grain, take a stand and love the body you’re in.

Can you relate?


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