8 Organizing Mistakes You May Be Making

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I’m honored to have Ashley Murphy, co-founder of Neat Method, here on the blog today to help us uncover what organizing mistakes we might be making when trying to simplify and declutter our homes.

I follow Neat Method on Instagram and their photos always make me swoon so I can’t wait for her to share her best organizing tips with us here today.

8 organizing mistakes you may be making

8 Organizing Mistakes You May Be Making

By Ashley Murphy, Co-Founder of Neat Method

Mistake #1: Storing things “just in case”. Holding onto old clothes or items in case you will one day give them to someone or in hopes that you can fit into them again. Chances are you will never give them away or when you finally can fit into them again, they will be out of style.

Tip: Find a local charity or consignment store. You will feel better about getting rid of things just knowing they are going to a good cause.


Mistake #2: Not regularly checking the expirations on your spices, cans, jars, etc., leads to a more cluttered life. We promise, you will become a healthier eater the more simplified you keep your pantry space.

Tip: Make time once a year to clear out this particular space. We truly mean that you need to comb through each and every date on these items.

(We had an unofficial contest going in the Sisterhood Facebook group for the oldest spices and the “winner” found spices from the 80’s in her cabinet! 🙂


Mistake #3: Keeping the sweets in your home spread throughout your cabinets or pantry. We don’t expect you to get rid of your sweets completely.

Tip: Consider making a “Sweet Treats” bin, but store it at a level that requires some effort to get to.

Mistake #4: Creating a donation bin, but never getting rid of it.

Tip: Make it a habit to stick them in your car so that you can drop them when convenient.


Mistake #5: Keeping and storing every single thing your child brings home from school. I know you are proud of them, but taking a photo of their masterpiece will be just as meaningful to them in 20 years.

Tip: One of our favorite apps to use is called Artkive!

Mistake #6: Blaming others for your clutter – saying that your “mother-in-law” keeps giving you things and that’s why you have so much.

Tip: Just get rid of it. As Marie Kondo says, if it doesn’t bring you joy do not keep it.


Mistake #7: Buying storage solutions (ie. bins or baskets) before doing the actual organizing. Our favorite line from our clients is “I’m really organized, just look at all of these containers I bought”.

Tip: Spend the time sorting and separating. Even taking it as far as measuring the spaces where a bin or basket will live, will ensure that you find the perfect solution to store all of the particular items.


Mistake #8: Not being organized enough to keep track of your belongings. By not having a home for your things, it leads to you buying doubles or triples of things you’ve already spent money on. Nothing saves time or money more than keeping your life NEAT!

Tip: We know that it can often times seem more challenging to keep things orderly, but we promise you will translate to becoming more efficient in your every day tasks.

If you could use a little help in this arena be sure to visit neatmethod.com. Thank you, Ashley!

Question: Do you recognize any of these organizing mistakes in your home? 



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