6 Weeks Of Pilates: Before & After Photos

I’m honored and excited to share Jasmine’s Pilates Body Program experience with you today. Jasmine was one of the last ladies to sign up for the June program and I’m so glad she did. The night before the launch she sent me an email with a handful of questions to determine whether or not this program would be a good fit for her. I gave her honest answers and reminded her that if she didn’t like it she could drop out within 7 days for a full refund and no questions asked.

Well, it turned out this program was a perfect fit for Jasmine and she not only stuck with it, she excelled. She made incredible changes and progress in just 6 weeks. My favorite part was watching her confidence and self-acceptance grow as she stuck with her goals and followed through with the entire program. I hope you enjoy her story.

Why did you join The Pilates Body Program?

After my final year of university, I was stressed and heavier that I have ever been. I felt unhealthy and felt that I looked unhealthy too. Although I have always tried to eat well, I was stuck in a rut with what I was cooking, often going for ease and speed over healthy, nourishing food. I had neglected doing exercise, and have never been a fan of running, so found it difficult to find exercise I enjoyed which fitted around me.


How has The Pilates Body Program changed your body and health?

Since completing the Pilates Body Program, I feel better about myself, and better in my skin. Aside from the satisfaction of losing 14 lbs, I feel more healthy, I have more energy and feel more confident. The program has equipped me with lots of nourishing, easy-to-make recipes and snack ideas, and given me the confidence to take the concepts of the meal plans and make up new recipes.

I love having the Pilates videos, they have helped me to fit regular exercise into my schedule and I continue use them even now I have started full-time work and have much less time! I look forward to my workouts, I find them satisfying and stress-relieving.

I am now slimmer, stronger and more flexible in my body, many friends have commented on how slim and healthy I’m looking now. The heavy, bloated feeling I used to have after almost every meal is now a distant memory, and I feel generally healthier and have more energy.


What was it like working with Robin one-on-one via email?

Robin was great to work with, I can’t recommend her highly enough! Having her input and insight was so valuable, she definitely kept me motivated. If it wasn’t for Robin’s regular friendly emails, and the weekly weigh-in, I’m certain I wouldn’t have stuck so well to the program, and wouldn’t have lost so much weight. Knowing I could email Robin at any time to ask questions or to get some encouragement was great, she helped me to modify some recipes to suit me, and kept me going when I needed a helping hand.

What did you find sets The Pilates Body Program apart from other programs you’ve tried?

I’ve not tried any other program – and wouldn’t want to try any other programs! The personal touch of regular contact with Robin was something that really attracted me to this program, and I found it really valuable.


(my favorite part about this is her posture – no more swayed low back!)

What is the most important thing people should know about The Pilates Body Program?
That it’s totally worth it! Robin is great to work with, she helps you to achieve your weight loss and health goals, the food is satisfying and tasty, the workouts are enjoyable. What’s not to love?

Anything else you’d like to share?

The Pilates Body Program made achieving my weight and fitness goals easier and more enjoyable than I thought possible. The recipes are easy to make and very tasty – I never felt like I was depriving myself – and the pilates is challenging but really enjoyable. I can’t recommend this program highly enough!

The next round of The Pilates Body Program is scheduled to  kick off in September 2014.

If you’d like to get on the priority wait list…

For more before & after photos click HERE & HERE. For more details on the 6 week program CLICK HERE.

Note to my lovely readers: these are Jasmine’s real photos and this is her real story. Her photos have not been re-touched, edited or photo-shopped in any way (did you know almost ALL sites do that with before & after photos?) Please be kind as she is a fellow reader just like you. I think she looks absolutely fantastic but am even more thrilled about the way she feels in her skin. That’s what this is really all about. If you feel motivated or inspired by her please feel free to share a note of encouragement. Remember, we are all in this together!

  1. Kim 8 years ago

    Oh my gosh, these photos and her wordss are so inspiring!! Way to go Jasmine. I’m motivated 🙂

  2. cara b. 8 years ago

    wow! go girl!

  3. Lynn 8 years ago

    I love hearing about how she feels and that it’s more about how she feels better about herself. Thanks for being a great example. And way to go Jasmine! You are an inspiration to us all =)

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  5. Melissa 7 years ago

    Always inspiring to see before and after photos and knowing that Jasmine is healthier and love the program.

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      I agree Melissa! She’s done amazing things for herself 🙂

  6. Dana 7 years ago

    It’s great to see Before and After Photo’s. I love pilates!

  7. Tea 7 years ago

    OMG! I like the change! 🙂 I am going to start with pilates! :O

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