5 ways to create small wins in your day

Hi Beauties!

Popping in with a quick encouragement for you today…

If you’re like many of the women I’ve been speaking with lately, you may feel like it’s been hard to make forward progress on your goals.

With so much uncertainty and disruption in our daily lives, it may not even feel like an option right now.

So today, instead of feeling overwhelmed by big goals and big questions, let’s focus on small wins.

Just start from where you are today and choose 1-3 things from the list below that you can do over the next few days to create small wins and celebrate forward progress:

Be gentle with yourself today, Robin. Take a deep breath, start where you are, and remember to choose grace over guilt.

I’m in your corner and cheering you on.


  1. Robbin 7 months ago

    Nice inspiring post. Keep sharing!!

  2. Lexi 7 months ago

    Good advice, Robin. The small wins keep me motivated.

  3. ImeldaMcBride 6 months ago

    Yes I can unplug from my phone for at least 15 mins
    today and count it a SMALL WINN. I can also.stretch
    and feel much better!
    Such simple but sound advice! Thank you Robin.

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