5 Reasons You're Not Seeing Results From Your Workouts

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One of the things I love most about Pilates is that it brings results. It’s efficient, effective and often times life-changing.

I know that sounds like a bold claim but I can say that without hesitation and with utmost sincerity. I see it time and time again with both my in-person and online clients.

Pilates has the power to changes bodies and changes lives. 

But every once and awhile I hear from someone who is frustrated because they’re not seeing results. They feel as though they’re doing everything right but their body hasn’t changed and they don’t feel like they’ve progressed.

So today, I’m sharing 5 reasons why you may not be seeing results from your workouts.


5 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results From Your Workouts

1. Lack of consistency

I know it can feel really great and noteworthy to go to Pilates once a week, but exercising once a week will bring slow results. Especially because when you’re only exercising 1-2 times per week it’s easy to skip one here or there and then go weeks without a quality workout.

I also see people who get really fired up and attend class multiple times per week but then fall off the wagon completely because the routine wasn’t sustainable for the long-term.

Consistency is the key to success. Set a schedule and stick to it, not just for weeks, but for months and years. The results will begin to show.

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2. Sloppy movement

You know when you just want to get a workout over with so you slop through the exercises just to get them done? Yeah, that’s getting in the way of your results. Or maybe you tend to zone out in class rather than really focusing on your form and technique. Either way, in order to see results you need to focus on using the proper muscles and proper form in all exercises. One thing I love about Pilates is that it focuses on quality over quantity. 10 slow, well-executed chest lifts are better than 100 sloppy crunches any day of the week.

“A few well designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.” – Joseph Pilates

3. Your diet doesn’t reflect your goals

You can’t out-train a bad diet.

As I shared in my Pilates and Weight Loss video, I fell into this trap for years. I used to go for run and feel so tired and so good about my workout that I’d reward myself with big meals and treats the rest of the day. At the time, I didn’t realize that I would be better off skipping my workouts all together and focusing on a healthy diet.

So if you’re not seeing results from your workouts, make sure that what you eat all day, every day reflects your goals (and yes, those little bites here and there while standing in front of the fridge count too).

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4. Uninspired cardio

If you’re still operating under the mentality that cardio is the best way to get in shape, I’m excited to tell you that there is a better way! You don’t have to make yourself miserable on the elliptical for one more minute.

Research shows that short bursts of cardio (like HIIT) can be just as effective for cardiovascular health. In addition, building muscle is a key component to seeing results. Adding muscle will not only change the shape of your body but will increase calorie burn throughout the day.

So start building muscle with my YouTube Pilates workouts and give yourself a break from the uninspired cardio.

5. Too much alcohol

I’m sorry, I hate to tell you this, but alcohol is a major hindrance in losing weight, getting in shape and overall healthy living. There are so many reasons for this. Not only is it high in unnecessary calories and carbohydrates but it also disrupts the body’s ability to properly digest and utilize food as an energy source. In addition, it causes dehydration, bloating, restless sleep and inflammation. Feeling lethargic after drinking also leads to missed workouts, lazy days and killer cravings. Often making this ONE change can bring major results so that your hard work can finally show.

So what do you think, do you recognize any of these as why you may not be seeing the results you expect to see? Let’s chat about it in the comments. 🙂



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  1. Marie 6 years ago

    Robin, this post couldn’t be better timed!

    I’m in the middle of this chit-chat with myself: “WHY WHY WHY am I not seeing any results?”. I do pilates almost every day (I’m a trainer myself), and I know that some of your points do speak to me 😉 That sloppy-thing hit my right in my sweet spot!

    But I was wondering if it could be possible that I don’t eat enough (I get around 1800-1900 kcal’s, all clean and lean and don’t drink any alcohol. OR that my body is way to stressed and is still going through a lot of healing (IBS and lots of gut troubles). I know you don’t know my story, but maybe some fellow readers experience the same as I do.

    I’m not doing that much cardio, and don’t do any HIIT either do to stress-levels.

    My Gut Test Results

    • Marie 6 years ago

      Omg. I just found out that my link doesn’t work!! 🙁 Bummer! I’m so sorry… I’m still new to all this, so trying my best to develop my URL-skills 😉

  2. LaurenC_ 6 years ago

    I think a big problem most of us have, and I am certainly guilty of this in the past, is that we view exercise and healthy eating as a “fix” or a means to a specific “end,” such as fitting into a dress for a special occasion or looking good in a swim suit for a special vacation. When you put yourself on a diet and begin a exercise routine for a short term means to a specific goal, you’ll lose weight and feel healthy but only in the short term. Once that special event or vacation is over, it’s way too easy to backslide into unhealthy eating habits and slacking off on exercise. That certain size or special event we aim for can be a great motivator, but only if we are trying to motivate ourselves to make and keep lasting changes for our well-being (not just the number on the scale). It wasn’t until I finally adopted a change in lifestyle that I finally started to see lasting results in my body, mind, and my overall feeling of health and fitness.

  3. Carli 6 years ago

    Ugh. All good points but I love wine! haha. Another bad habit I have is mindlessly snacking at night! I made a rule for myself that I won’t eat after 7:30PM but for some reason I’m having so much trouble following this rule!

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      My best advice – drink hot tea before having extra snacks and go to bed earlier. 🙂 But I know it’s tough! xo

      • Carli 6 years ago

        Great advice! Tea is wonderful and I’m loving going to bed earlier and waking up earlier and doing my quiet time in the AM 🙂

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