5 reasons why you’re not working out

If you feel like you have the best intentions for working out — getting up early, dragging yourself to the gym, and starting your day with a high-intensity workout — but you end up pressing snooze for extra sleep, getting buried in responsibilities, and letting another day go by without moving your body . . . you are NOT alone.

We’ve all been there. We have goals and desires for our health and well-being, but we just can’t seem to stay committed.

Through working with thousands of women in my online Pilates programs over the past 9 years, I’ve noticed common themes with each client.  

I’ve noticed 5 common hurdles that keep us from working out and staying committed to our health and fitness goals. 

1 // You’re not sure where to start

Getting started is half the battle. There are thousands of workouts on YouTube, gyms on every corner, Facebook ads telling you about the latest fitness trend….it’s hard to know where to start. This is one of the main reasons I created The Balanced Life Sisterhood – to create an easy-to-follow plan that tells you exactly what to do each day (with flexibility built in of course). Just log in and press play.

If getting started is half the battle, one of the best things you can do is find a plan that takes the guesswork out of it for you so that you know exactly what to do and where to start. 

2 // You don’t have time

It’s hard to find an extra hour (or more) in your day to exercise. But the good news is, you don’t have to! Short workouts can have similar or equal benefits to longer workouts, especially if they allow you to be more consistent for the long-haul.

Short workouts are realistic, practical, and easy to accomplish – you can always find 15 minutes, right? 

Knowing you only have to make time for  15 minutes of exercise removes the mental block that often keeps you from working out. The Balanced Life is known for short, realistic workouts and our membership is full of short, effective workouts that will help you say “yes” to exercise on a more consistent basis. 

3 // You think your workout has to be long + exhausting

When we imagine a workout that is lengthy, difficult, and extremely sweaty, we get exhausted just thinking about it! But what if I told you that short workouts can be just as effective, if not more effective, than longer workouts?

When you do Pilates for just 15 minutes, you focus on your form, muscle activation, and alignment, which is worth far more than an hour of sloppy, tired movement. Instead of tiring yourself out, you’ll end the workout feeling more energized and connected to your body.

4 // You don’t have a plan for staying consistent

I’ve totally been there – starting and stopping exercise routines, never able to stay consistent for more than a few days or weeks at a time. I found that I was overcommitting (to the length of workout, the commute to the gym, the need for childcare, etc.) and I threw the towel in every time. 

I started The Sisterhood to make it simple for women to squeeze their workout in from home each day. When I knew that all I needed was to press play on my daily workout and squeeze in 15 minutes, I could stick with the plan day after day.

5 // You’re worried you won’t see results

As we already talked about, we think we have to exercise for an hour each day to see results. But if we don’t stick with it for more than a week, we certainly won’t see the results we’re hoping for. 

But when we exercise for 15 minutes every day over a long period of time, we notice both the mental and physical benefits. I hear about these every day from members of The Sisterhood who trust the process of Pilates and celebrate how it makes it possible for them to build muscle, reduce stress, tone up – and so many other amazing results.

Can you relate to any of these hurdles?

Identifying these road blocks is the first step – but I’m also here to help you overcome them!

The 5-Day Pilates Jumpstart is designed to help you build a consistent and realistic plan workout plan with quick + effective Pilates workouts. 

Each day I will send you a 15-minute Pilates workout that you can do from home, on your own time. No equipment necessary. And it’s totally FREE! 

Each workout is designed to help you build strength, tone up, and establish the habit of daily self-care.

This is just what you need to get started, remove the mental block, enjoy your workouts, stay consistent, and see results!

Will you join me for the 5-Day Pilates Jumpstart? Click here to sign up + I’ll send you a prep kit to get started, as well as your first FREE Pilates workout!

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Once you begin, and remember how good it feels to exercise, you’ll find the motivation to keep going. 

Sign up to get your free workouts now and keep me posted on how it goes!


Looking for online Pilates workouts and a supportive community? We've re-opened The Sisterhood to help support you during this challenging season.

  1. Thank you for sharing this! May I add, you can also try some yoga poses after waking up, while still on the bed always start your day with a good stretch and then do some happy baby pose while breathing deeply and then transition to a child pose this is just you warming up your body to reach its full potential for the coming day. I also use VitaliZEn Earthing Sheet for better sleep and to rejuvenate while sleeping.

  2. Marinaellen7 8 months ago

    My reason for not being consistent with my workout is a reoccurring foot injury. Pilates helps but the healing is slow going and it fatigue quickly. I’ll get there soon enough.

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