5-Day Pilates Jumpstart // Day 1: Abs + Core

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Good morning, beauties!

And welcome to Day 1 of the 5-Day Pilates Jumpstart.

We’re kicking things off with a workout designed to tone your abs and strengthen your core. 

Pilates is known for the way it tightens your waistline. But beyond that, it’s one of the best ways to develop deep core strength. 

This means abs…but it also means pelvic floor, lower back, and hips. 
If your mid-section needs a little tune up, you will LOVE this 15-minute routine.

This Workout is now available exclusively to members of The Balanced Life Sisterhood! CLICK HERE to sign up for our waitlist and we’ll notify you when it’s open again!

A quick note of encouragement…

I know your plate is full. You have a long list of things to do each day.

I’m right there with you. I have 4 kids, age 5 and under, and I’m just a few months postpartum with twins. I’m rebuilding my strength, trying to lose the baby weight, and striving for self-care. 

We are truly in this together. 

As we kick off this challenge, let’s all embrace that we’re busy and we’re not perfect. But we’re going to do the best we can.

We’re going to take it step-by-step and day-by-day. And today? All you have to do is find time for ONE 15-minute workout. 

Take it one day at a time and give yourself grace along the way. You can do this.


What I’m wearing:

Alo Yoga Barre Long Sleeve // High-Waist Airbrush Legging

  1. Sandy 3 months ago

    Loved it. Thank you from Australia 😊 it’s the late afternoon here!

  2. Julie Walker 3 months ago

    Wonderful workout…im a 3rd shift worker, i appreciate you sending workout…especially enjoyed the last overhead excercise…

  3. Amanda 3 months ago

    I’ve never exercised in years so was a little difficult but got there in the end and feel better for it Uk mum of 6

  4. Victoria Aubusson 3 months ago

    Didn’t d my workout until after work this evening. Does this matter? I did really enjoy it 😊

    • Teddi Lamons 3 months ago

      Hi Victoria! Anytime you want to do the workout is great! It doesn’t matter the time of day. 🙂

  5. Ann McTaggart 3 months ago

    I am not new to Pilates, I practiced for 12 years and was advanced. But after three major operations two on my abdomen and one on my spine and a long recovery the thoughts of doing an hour class was too much for me. So its been a long time not doing Pilates. Maybe I got the wrong impression when I saw your advert for beginners, 15 minutes a day was sounded really attractive. This is not Pilates for beginners or to ease people back to regular practice. You didn’t even start with the basic of finding your core before starting and then proceeded to quite advanced practice and Ihave to say your technique is far from the best I’ve seen, very disappointed.

    • Gaynor Riopedre 3 months ago

      Hi Ann, I’m totally new to Pilates and yes, I did find it quite challenging but as an ex-professional dancer I thought Robin’s technique was excellent. Certainly nothing there to cause concern. We all have a responsibility to listen to our own bodies and work within our own limits. For me as a newbie, Robin offered easier alternatives that worked well for me and I can aspire to achieve the more challenging options as I progress. I don’t normally respond online but I’m sad you decided to criticise this program. If what you saw didn’t work for you, just move along – switch off – no need to be so negative. After all, Robin has given us this for free. I for one appreciate today’s session – thank you Robin. x

      • Christina 3 months ago

        Thank you 👍🏻👍🏻

    • Teddi Lamons 3 months ago

      Hi Ann! I’m Teddi, the Community Coordinator here at The Balanced Life. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the workout! We sent out an Intro to Pilates video prior to today’s workout, and Robin discusses fundamentals like how to properly engage the abdominals. You can also visit our Pilates for Beginners series on YouTube if you’d like. Thank you for giving this a try! 🙂

    • Christina 3 months ago

      No negativity please this girl is doing her best to help
      Us all don’t do it if you find it to much I find her brilliant I have been to Pilates classes before and pay 7 pound a session so this is great thank you so much for your time xxx

  6. Layna Brittan 3 months ago

    Thankyou 🙂

  7. Lesley Perry 3 months ago

    Enjoyed the workout. Was able to do most of it except the final sit up. My back and abs are just not strong enough. I had to do the sitting option. I liked that you gave options. Am going to repeat the workout this evening. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  8. Zenka 3 months ago

    Really enjoyed it. Feel good.
    Hugs from Australia. x

  9. Alice 3 months ago

    Thanks loved it.

  10. Layna Brittan 3 months ago

    I just did it I Absolutely loved it I’ve hever done it before I needed this why only 5 days 😭😭😂😂

  11. Dee 3 months ago

    Today started with me first!!! 6es!!Fantastic first workout!!! Oh those roll ups ! Whew! I will make it!!

  12. vee 3 months ago

    Good start to the morning. 🙂 Thank you.

  13. Lynne Hallums 3 months ago

    Having not done any exercise in years due to various ongoing chronic health conditions, I was really sceptical about giving this a go and I’m sorry to say, I was right to! There was no consideration given at all for people like me, in that certain exercises would be impossible to do and could exacerbate my conditions! There was no warm up or advice given and the exercises seemed more geared up for those who have done Pilates before. I’m very disappointed, as I was so looking forward to it as I really need to do some sort of gentle exercise. What was the point in asking us all to leave our details on fb, so you could see why we all wanted to do this short course, if you couldn’t be bothered to read and answer them individually and advise us whether Pilates was the right exercise for us to be doing? Especially for me ! 😪

    • Teddi Lamons 3 months ago

      Hi Lynne! I’m Teddi, the Community Coordinator here at The Balanced Life. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the workout! It’s true that they were not designed for those with special health considerations and/or injuries. So it might not be the best fit for you if you need more modifications and hands on support. We are replying to emails and messages as fast as we possibly can (we are a team of 6), and we’re sorry you don’t feel as though you’ve heard back from us fast enough. Thank you for giving this a try!

  14. Whitney Thomas 3 months ago

    Thanks for Jumpstarting my Monday!

    • Fay 3 months ago

      Hiya, cant believe how unfit I am trying to keep up with sit ups, but it wil be a case of practice practice practice, thank you

  15. Judy 3 months ago

    Happy Monday. Great program to wake up your core. Thank you for being a motivating leader.

  16. Dina 3 months ago

    Perfect after my morning incline/run workout.

  17. Lynette Doman 3 months ago

    This was my 1st time doing Pilates, started off feeling like yoga until we warmed up. it definitely works your muscles. Cant wait to day 2. Thank you

  18. Jayne Spires 3 months ago

    Thank you for this first work out, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look to tomorros programme.

  19. sjrh1 3 months ago

    Wonderful! Thanks Robin, looking forward to see what tomorrow brings. Happy Monday!

  20. Tracey Malvern 3 months ago

    Terrific start – forgot how great the roll ups are for the spine and back

  21. Shannon 3 months ago

    I liked it as a cool down for my workout. Thank you

  22. Liz O'Brien 3 months ago

    Thank you, good start.

  23. Donna 3 months ago

    Thank you it was a great way to start my morning! Never done pilates before but this was gentle on my body! Love it.

  24. Jeanne 3 months ago

    GReat ab w/o. Thanks

  25. Lorrie LaMay 3 months ago

    Awesome start now I can ride my elliptical bike my joints have been bad since yesterday from all the cold and rain this is perfect way start off my morning and help with my pain 🙂

  26. KELLY Pharis 3 months ago

    Awesome! Quick, engaging & efficent!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow!😊

  27. Sherry 3 months ago

    This was great and in just the right amount of time! Good workout!

  28. Paula Brown 3 months ago

    Thanks…this was short and challenging looking forward to tmw’s challenge. 🙂

  29. Liz 3 months ago

    Thank you 🙂

  30. Anjuli Bahadur 3 months ago

    Thank you for a great workout Robin 🙏 I found the last exercise a real challenge as my back is not strong enough but, thanks to the options you gave us I managed to follow the exercise.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  31. Diane 3 months ago

    Wow thank you enjoyed it and I burn a few cals to ♥️

  32. Cathryn Clarke 3 months ago

    A great way back into Pilates. Really helpful and more convenient and accessible than a lot of the classes I’ve been to. Thanks for this Robin! You’re an inspiration!

  33. Joan 3 months ago

    So happy to be back on the mat with you, Robin!
    What’s next after our 5 days? #ThinkingAhead

    • Teddi Lamons 3 months ago

      I love that you’re thinking ahead, Joan! After the 5 days, we’ll be opening the doors to The Sisterhood, our monthly membership program that has lots more Pilates workouts, recipes, and a supportive community of like-minded women! You’ll hear more about The Sisterhood later this week! 🙂

  34. Alison Conn 3 months ago

    Never done pilates before thank you lived it

  35. Ann 3 months ago

    I’ve never done Pilates before plus I am recovering from recent surgery, I found this great, easy start building up gradually and cooling down, I couldn’t manage the sit ups so took the easier option, thank you I throughly enjoyed it, looking forward to tomorrow.

  36. Sam 3 months ago

    Fabulous never tried Pilates, looking forward to rest of workouts 😍

  37. Lesley 3 months ago

    Thank you I loved it even though I am not very good greetings from London x

  38. Courtney 3 months ago

    Just finished day 1! I have minor diastasis recti. Is this okay for women with that? I was told not to do sit ups and theses seem a bit similar to this.

    • Teddi Lamons 3 months ago

      Hi Courtney! Yes, a few of these exercises do need to be modified…anytime your head comes off the mat, either keep it down or substitute it with your favorite exercise where your head is on the mat. I hope that helps! 🙂

      • Courtney 3 months ago

        Thank you! I will make the modifications for tomorrow!

  39. Yvonne David 3 months ago

    Thank you for today from Canada

  40. cathy 3 months ago

    Thank you. It is exactly what I need to get started again.

  41. Julie 3 months ago

    Much nicer than jumping around like a lunatic and getting out of breath resulting in the likelihood of giving up.
    Very enjoyable. Thank you.

  42. Susan Montgomery-Grout 3 months ago

    Thanks. Nice addition to my day

  43. Suzanne 3 months ago

    The side lifting both legs, oblique exercise, hurts my hip that’s on the ground. Any tips to help? Thanks for a great workout!

    • Teddi Lamons 3 months ago

      Hi Suzanne! I’m sorry to hear about your pain! Try placing a folded towel underneath your hips to give you a bit more padding. 🙂

  44. Cindy 3 months ago

    Thank you Robin. This was my first strength work out in a long time. I’m now just realizing how weak I really am! I appreciate your encouraging the way and love the sound of the ocean during. See you tomorrow!

  45. Jeanne 3 months ago

    Really enjoyed especially the beach and the ocean.

  46. Molly 3 months ago

    That was great! Thanks!

  47. Sue 3 months ago

    Robin thanks for you this fifteen minute challenge. My body said hey it’s been awhile since doing Pilates but also thanking me.

  48. Lindsay 3 months ago

    Thank you so much! Really enjoyed the first day 🙂

  49. Martha 3 months ago

    Thank you Robin!! Was a great exercise love it 😍 From Canadá 🇨🇦

  50. Joanne 3 months ago

    Loved it thank you from Scotland x

  51. Rebekkah 3 months ago

    This was great! Thanks!

  52. Ella 3 months ago

    I really enjoyed this workout after a busy day at work. Thank you

  53. Mae 3 months ago

    Did it. I thought I would be waiting for it to be over but enjoyed it a lot. Not very good but I enjoyed it a lot !! Thank you

  54. Amanda Trigger 3 months ago

    Just finished my day 1, 15minutes here in London England, before I head to bed. Feeling both invigorated and relaxed! Kinda wish I was doing it on the beach like Robin though! Thank you for setting this up!

  55. patty 3 months ago

    I love this!!! I could actually do it (I think)! Thank you so much!

  56. Colleen 3 months ago

    Day 1 is in the books! Thanks!

  57. April 3 months ago

    Awesome workout , think I will be hurting a little tomorrow but I will keep on going ,thanks so much

  58. Marianne 3 months ago

    I am wondering how long the videos will be available for those of us who have signed up. I wasn’t up to starting today being that I’m dealing with bronchitis right now. I hate to miss out on the program, but definitely need a few more days to feel better.

    • Teddi Lamons 3 months ago

      I’m so sorry to hear about your illness, Marianne! These workouts will only be available to the public this week, but we have several other free workouts and challenges on our YouTube channel if you’re not feeling well by the end of the week. 🙂

  59. Laura 3 months ago

    If you DID get Day 1, go back to that link. The YouTube page will display a link for Day 2. I’ll try and attach here.

  60. Michèle-Renée 3 months ago

    I missed yesterdays core, but did day 2 arms/back… Loved it. Nice way to end the day, or start! I’ll doing day 1 tomorrow in the in am… That way i’ll be caught up with the rest of the group.
    : )

  61. Clare 3 months ago

    Just completed day one, loved it thank you 😊❤️

  62. Lauradestefyoga 3 months ago

    I’m not a fan of core workouts… but I enjoyed this one!! I’ll definitely be incorporating these exercises regularly, so thank you!

  63. Shiree 3 months ago

    Thank you! I combined this with cardio and weights and it was a great core workout for me to finish with.

  64. Ann 3 months ago

    Thanks for the modifications. I’m playing catch-up on another snow day, so love the beach scene!

  65. Pam VanNausdle 2 months ago

    Did not get to start on the videos last week even though the emails came to me. Now I can’t seem to access the videos. Is that because I’m late?

    • Teddi Lamons 2 months ago

      I’m sorry you missed it, Pam! The live challenge took place last week, but the workouts are still available for members of The Balanced Life Sisterhood to use on an ongoing basis (along with lots of other workouts!).

  66. dondi 2 months ago

    Hello Robin,

    I signed up for the course, but due to medical emergency in my family I was unable to follow it live.
    Are the video located somewhere to view? the daily links in my e-mail say that enrollment is closed.

    Thank you.

    • Teddi Lamons 2 months ago

      Hi there! I’m sorry to hear about the family emergency. The workouts are no longer available to the public (they were only available for the duration of the challenge), and they’re only accessible to Sisterhood members now. I hope you can join us for another challenge in the future! 🙂

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