Registration is open!

Registration is open!

I’m excited to announce that registration for the Fall edition of The Pilates Body Program is now OPEN!  

Wouldn’t it feel good to slip into your fall wardrobe feeling slim, strong & confident?

The Pilates Body Program was created specifically for those of you that…

  • are tired of carrying excess weight and uncomfortably squeezing into your clothes.
  • are sick and tired of not being comfortable in your own skin and trying to mask your body in loose-fitting clothes.
  • are busy or over-committed and don’t have time to spend hours at the gym or figure out how to eat healthy.
  • are concerned about your health, metabolism, energy levels and body fat percentage.
  • don’t want to fuss around with counting calories, joining a gym or sorting through which fad diet will work for you.
  • are overwhelmed by the amount of “healthy” advice out there and just want to be told exactly what to do to look & feel your best.

This program is for women who are looking for a way to find a routine that will work with their busy schedules.

6 weeks of online Pilates workouts


healthy, clean meal plans


unlimited email coaching & support

Now, before you get too far, I want to make sure you know what this program is NOT. This program is NOT…

  • a restrictive cleanse (yes, coffee can stay)
  • a temporary diet that you’ll only do for 6 weeks and then return to your old ways (this is a lifestyle plan)
  • an overwhelming exercise program that will leave you feeling burnt out (you’ll only workout 4x per week for 40 min – no cardio required!)
  • something you’ll start and stop because you don’t have the will-power to complete (I’ll be checking in with you regularly)

Are you in?

The program will kick of on Sunday 9/15.
Simply click the button below to reserve your spot. 


Check out these links to see real transformations & stories of past PBP participants:

The Pilates Body Program Web Page

Jasmine’s Before & After Photos

Shauna Niequist’s PBP Story

Lauren’s Before & After Photos

Catherine’s Before & After Photos




Space IS limited and I do expect this round to sell out so don’t wait too long!


Cheers to a fresh start this Fall!



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