4 Ways to Find Community that Supports You

Hi, Beauties!

Sometimes it can be hard to find a community that supports us during certain stages of our lives. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Different seasons can require a different support system. For some of us, finding the right faith community can be hard. For others, it’s finding a group that supports our fitness goals. We all experience a struggle to find a community that supports us at some point in our lives.

Finding a community to see us through the good stuff, the hard stuff, the ups and the downs can be truly helpful in maintaining a healthy and balanced life. It’s too hard to go it alone. We need support. We need connection. We need community.

If you’re in a season of life where you could really benefit from more friendship, community, and support, here are 4 ideas that will hopefully help you to fill this bucket in your life.

1. If you’re a mom, join a local moms group!

Whether you have little ones or school-aged kids, or even if your kids are older and going off to college, having a group of moms in a similar season of life can be so uplifting. For me, it was a game-changer!

When I was a new mom living in a new city, a friend invited me to attend a MOPS meeting with her. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, but it’s really meant for all moms of babies and young kids. It was exactly what I needed in that season of life. I looked forward to our Thursday meetings as an opportunity to get out of the house, connect with other moms, share challenges, and be encouraged and inspired by speakers who were speaking directly to my season of life. I found it hard to make new friends as a mom in a new city, and MOPS provided the perfect opportunity for me to connect with others who were needing the same thing.

I’m now friends with the CEO of MOPS and continue to support their vision and mission — it’s near and dear to my heart. MOPS groups meet all over the country, so be sure to see if there is one in your local area. If you have questions about this, feel free to post a comment below. I’m happy to help!

2. If you have a specific hobby or interest that lights you up, look for a local group with like-minded enthusiasts!

A lot of us have interests that are separate from work and family life, but that hold a special place in our hearts. If you love to read, join a local book club. If you feel joy when you’re outdoors, find a local walking or hiking group in your area. Maybe you want to grow more in your faith alongside a community of like-minded people. Look for a faith-based group in your town that makes you feel welcome and volunteer to host a study night in your home.

3. If you love in-person Pilates classes, visit a local studio to see if the class times and workouts are a good fit.

There is a lot to be said for the feeling of community that comes from attending a live fitness class. So, if in-person classes are an option for you, I encourage you to check out a local Pilates studio as a complement to your fitness goals. You may just find a group of women who also share your love for Pilates!

4. If you spend a lot of time online (as most of us do!), look for a virtual community that fits your interests.

Communities you find through social media can be some of the most rewarding to join. They are also convenient if you find yourself in a particularly busy season.

If you are looking for a supportive professional community, for example, check out platforms like LinkedIn. Facebook is another great source of online groups for those who want to experience a virtual community with shared interests.

My personal favorite online community is, of course, The Balanced Life Sisterhood! 😉 It’s a great option for busy women who are interested in working on improving their strength and fitness, getting in a great workout, and being supported by like-minded women in a positive environment.

We are all unique and we have different interests and needs for communities during different seasons of life. It’s totally okay to try out a community to see if it’s a fit before you commit to it. Take some time to experience a few before you decide which will be the most supportive and beneficial to you in your current season.

Finding a community that can support you in different seasons of life is sometimes a challenge. If you are feeling lonely or like you don’t have a community that supports you and your goals, you’re not alone. And remember, you are ALWAYS welcome here at The Balanced Life, and our community is here to support you through every season. 🙂


PS – I’m also excited to be partnering with my friends at MOPS, May 2-5, at the MOPS Online Summit: Like a Mother! Make sure to catch my session and the rest of the incredible experts as we share what it really means to care for ourselves.

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  1. Amy 10 months ago

    Is it possible, or maybe in the works to use the Sisterhood platform to ‘friend’ others? Instead of Facebook…
    Since we met some new Sisters it would be nice to allow sharing our workout progress or have accountability groups without going to Facebook. Personally when I find myself there, I get distracted with all the mindless scrolling! I would prefer to stay off it if I had the choice! But the sisterhood site on the other hand I could see a private group of mutual friends really being an added benefit! Please consider!!

    • Elisabeth Callahan 10 months ago

      Hi Amy! Thanks for your suggestion! Did you know that we have a feed on our website for conversation? If you are logged in and hover over the Sisterhood menu, you can click on “Community Conversation” to see a feed where any Sisterhood member can post. Additionally, you can private message other Sisterhood members by going to the same menu (Sisterhood) but clicking on “Members.” There you can search for and private message any member. If you need any additional help, please email us at [email protected] . Thank you, we’re so glad you’re here and want to interact more with the community!

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