30-Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day 6 (stretch & relax!)

Hi Beauties,

What better way to end the first week of the 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge and prepare for the next week than a little stretching and relaxation session on the mat.

30 day challenge thumb day 6

Today’s routine is meant to help you slow down, care for your body & mind and trust that you don’t have to “push, push, push” every single day.

There is great value in pausing and giving yourself a break. 

Find a quiet place (if you can) and enjoy today’s stretching & relaxation session…

Daily Check-In: show me one thing you’re doing to prepare for a healthy week! Use the hashtag #30daypilatesbody on Instagram and Twitter so I can see your posts. 🙂



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  1. Michele 5 years ago

    Loved day 6 ?

  2. luz 5 years ago

    feel good thanks.

  3. Shawn 5 years ago

    Loved this workout. So needed the stretches. Gonna do it again later today ?

  4. Kendra 5 years ago

    Felt great! Week 1 complete!:)

  5. 1joyfilledjourney 5 years ago

    Loooooved this work out!!! My son turns 1 in 6 days ?(Can’t he stay a baby forever??) And bc of all the support and community I have doing this with me this is the first time I’ve consistently worked out since I was about 7 mos pregnant. I’m sore sore sore and I’ve been thinking about today’s video since Wednesday!

    Thank you for these challenges!

  6. Jamie 5 years ago

    So nice!

  7. Wanda 5 years ago

    Loved today’s workout. I really needed the stretching after yesterday’s yard work. 🙂 Feeling good after completing week 1. !!!

  8. melissa 5 years ago

    All done with weekend workouts. Thank you!

  9. Dianne McDermott-Crampton 5 years ago

    A great stretch, just what was needed:)

  10. Nina 5 years ago

    Completed the HIIT workout, then days 18 & 19 of the 28 day challenge & then this lovely stretch & relax!! Hello Monday ?

  11. Lori 5 years ago

    Done thank you

  12. Alicia 5 years ago

    Done….Thank You

  13. Erin 5 years ago

    I am fairly sore from doing all the workouts yesterday. This was a great help!

  14. Erin 5 years ago

    Done- thx

  15. LaVay 5 years ago

    Thank you for this series! It’s absolutely wonderful!!!

  16. Judy 5 years ago

    Ahh! That felt really good. I did my regular pool work-out this morning and needed a good stretch after the past week. Robin–I really love your instruction and zen-like studio space. Your artwork is very calming and beautiful!

  17. Debbie Borthwick 5 years ago

    Thank you, this felt wonderful! I’ve been doing workouts throughout the day, in between my weekly meal prep, including a 45 minute zumba…who doesn’t love dancing? This day 6 exercise was perfect for ending the day. I’m going to include it at the end of my daily workouts, it was such a relaxing way to end the day.
    Thanks, Robin. 🙂

  18. Rhonda 5 years ago

    Loved this helped stretch out those muscles. I did legs as my choice for Saturdays workout really felt the burn.Look forward to next weeks.

  19. Christine 5 years ago

    All caught up for the weekend 4,5 and 6
    Thanks Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout!

  20. Me 5 years ago

    Stretching done

  21. Patty 5 years ago

    Great relaxing stretch after a photo shoot for my infant niece.

  22. Jenny 5 years ago

    Thank you for the relaxation!!! This one may need to be repeated daily!

  23. Julie 5 years ago

    Hi Robin,
    You mentioned scoliosis in today’s session and I wondered if you’d mind talking with me about stretching/Pilates/exercise ideas for my teenage daughter who has recently been diagnosed. Thanks!

  24. Candice 5 years ago

    That felt amazing! Loving this challenge!!!

  25. Maggie 5 years ago

    Day 6 complete. Thank you!

  26. Paulette 5 years ago

    Good stretch! Day 6 done

  27. Debra 5 years ago

    Need this one everyday! Thanks Robin!

  28. Rebecca 5 years ago

    I have scoliosis as well, except my spine curves both left and right like a little “s”. Luckily, we caught it early on and were able to keep it at bay through regular chiropractic visits, so it’s never really been an issue for me. The only thing is that my lower back (where the curvature is located) is pretty weak, which makes it both more difficult and more important to maintain a strong core. That’s why I love pilates! Thanks for the wonderful stretch routine 🙂

  29. Me 5 years ago


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