30-Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day #5

Hi Beauties!

And welcome to Day #5 of The 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge.


Today you have 2 options:

1.If you’re NOT a member of the Sisterhood: go back and revisit your favorite routine from the past week. Here are a few quick links to make it easy for you:

Day 1: legs

Day 2: upper body

Day 3: booty

Day 4: HIIT with Whitney

2. If you ARE a member of The Sisterhood: I’ve got a GOOD routine lined up for you today! It’s a 30-minute “Waist-Whittling Workout” designed to strengthen your core and shape your waist. Log in to the membership site, click HERE, and complete your assigned workout for the day. 🙂

If you’d like to join The Sisterhood, click here. You’ll immediately receive access to full-length workouts, a healthy Recipe Bundle and much, much more. 

Daily Check-In: Let me know which workout you completed! Use the hashtag #30daypilatesbody on Instagram and Twitter so I can see your posts.

Enjoy your workout, I’ll see you back here tomorrow for a restorative stretching & relaxation session.



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  1. Patty 4 years ago

    Day 5 Done HIIT

  2. Alicia 4 years ago

    Day 5 – Done, went back to Day 1 still feeling the burn in my legs – Thanks Robin……

  3. Barbara 4 years ago

    Day 5: doing your Beginner Series days 1&2. Taking Sunday to rest and watch NASCAR. 🙂

  4. Paulette 4 years ago

    Did session 2…felt great! Day 5 done!

  5. Char 4 years ago

    Done! Re-did the booty workout. nice! Now maybe another one…hmm, maybe upper body… yep, here goes…

  6. Debbie 4 years ago

    Ran 11 miles and did day 2 from the 28 day challenge…(LOVE LOVE LOVE 28 Day challenge).

  7. wendy 4 years ago

    I did the HIIT workout I missed yesterday and then chose the upper body as I think that needs the most strengthening. Then I had a large glass of water as I collapsed on the couch. lol

  8. Yana 4 years ago

    Day 5 – 25 minutes of Yoga and the Booty workout done!

  9. Erin 4 years ago

    Did all 4 today. Need a nap now 🙂

  10. luz 4 years ago

    Did all 4 today for a 71 old girl no that bad will be easy tomorrow.

  11. Judy 4 years ago

    Did my regular, hour-long bodyworks class this morning followed by an hour on the treadmill doing hills. We did a lot of squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks in class. Starting to feel it now in my bum. Laying low the rest of today.

  12. Me 4 years ago

    Saturday. Done

  13. Maggie 4 years ago

    Day 5 done!

  14. Traci 4 years ago

    Day 5 done! I did workouts 1, 3, & 4:).

  15. Wanda 4 years ago

    Saturday completed. Repeated days 1-4 and worked in my yard (raking, digging & piling). My whole body is feeling it so I’ll relax for the rest of the day !!! 🙂 I will save day 5 – HIT for Sunday… ?

  16. Teress 4 years ago

    Enjoying the quick workouts. Today I comolested arms tx

  17. Elaine Bomkamp 2 years ago

    Redid day 2. Finished through 5.

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