30-Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day #3

Welcome to day #3 of the 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge!

How are feeling so far?

We’re just getting started and it’s only going to get better from here. I have a lot of great things in store for you, so don’t stop now. 🙂

30 day challenge thumb day 3

Ever feel like your booty needs a little lift?

Me too.

Today’s routine is all about building strength on the backside of the body. But don’t be fooled, booty work isn’t just about looking good in jeans. A weak booty can cause a host of issues that are seemingly unrelated. For example, under-developed gluteal muscles (due to inactivity) and back pain often go hand-in-hand.

Enjoy today’s workout and the feeling of knowing that you’re doing something to improve your strength, posture and health today!

Looking good in our jeans will be a nice bonus. 🙂

Daily Check-In: Today I want you to set ONE goal for the next 30 days. It may be as simple as “complete 30 days of Pilates workouts” or it may be related to something else in your life. Take a moment to set a goal. Write it down, snap a photo and share it with me on social media. Use the hashtag #30daypilatesbody so we can cheer you on!





  1. Medina 5 years ago

    Woohoo! Done for today. That felt so good?

    I know some workouts are a bit more difficult, but the way you speak to us, your dedication, your fun personality, everything about you just motivates me to keep going.
    Thank you ?

    Ladies, we got this!!!?

  2. Selina 5 years ago

    I loved this one ! 😀

  3. Cécile 5 years ago

    So nice! Thanks a lot 😀

  4. Alicia 5 years ago

    Done. Thanks Robin…..

  5. Wanda 5 years ago

    Great workout Robin!!! I also have my mats doubled (Pilates & yoga) for added cushioning due to hardwood floors. Works great!!! My tush is feeling the burn. This evening I’ll repeat the three workouts together for my 30 minute exercise♥‼

  6. Edna 5 years ago

    Morning?…I continued to stretch by body,,, it’s starting to feel achey, can’t believe 10 minutes is doing this to my body?..my goal for March is to follow thru with this 10 minute class ! Thank you n have a Blessed Day

  7. Jenny 5 years ago


  8. Roxann Brouwer 5 years ago

    Woke up sore from day 2 workout, just finished day 3. I am ready for the day!!

  9. Kendra 5 years ago

    Great workout! My Fav so far!!! Thanks Robin:)

  10. Sarah 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for doing this challenge, Robin! I joined this morning and was able to catch up by doing all the workouts and really enjoyed them! I can’t wait for each new day’s workout! 🙂

  11. leslie 5 years ago

    Hi Robin, so far so good, THANK YOU for a full 30 days! I’m hoping I can keep with the momentum 🙂

    Q: I’m working to repair what is now only a moderate diastasis. Any tips for making sure I don’t ruin all my hard work on this? And my apologies if you’ve recently addressed this! Thanks 🙂

  12. Laura 5 years ago

    Having trouble seeing and following from my small screen. Do you have a YouTube version so I can chromcast to my tv?

  13. Tanya 5 years ago

    Day 3 Done! Really enjoyed this one and the stretches:-)!

  14. Jennifer 5 years ago

    Done for today. Definitely a great workout. It is amazing how great you can feel just after 10 minutes. Looking forward to the next 27.Thanks Robin

  15. Paulette 5 years ago

    Felt good! Thanks 3rd day done!!

  16. Melissa 5 years ago

    All done. Thanks so much!

  17. Tanni 5 years ago

    Loved this workout!

  18. Yana 5 years ago

    Day 3 done! Thanks 🙂

  19. sharon 5 years ago

    day 2 & 3 done,…..thanks!

  20. Diana 5 years ago

    Hi Robin,

    My daughter, Danielle, asked me to take the challenge with her. She is always encouraging me to do things like this! I am 54 years old and working on increasing my fitness level. Thank you for encouraging others by doing having this challenge! I have to modify a bit but I will do each challenge!

  21. Jen 5 years ago

    Day three done!! The stretch at the end felt soooo good! Thank you

  22. Brenda K 5 years ago

    Great workout.

  23. wendy 5 years ago

    definitely felt the burn today. My goal is to do all 30 days and then keep that going with more exercise programs, Pilates, and healthy eating

  24. Lori 5 years ago

    Done. Thanks.

  25. Laura 5 years ago

    Yay, able to get booty done early today!

  26. leah 5 years ago

    Day 3 complete. Thanks for these!

  27. Sue 5 years ago

    Done! 3 for 3! Love working with you Robin!

  28. Charlotte 5 years ago

    Done! Enjoyed stretch at end. Thanks!

  29. Claire 5 years ago

    Loved this! Especially the stretch at the end 🙂

  30. Michelle 5 years ago

    A little bummed that this workout was so short. I didn’t even break a sweat!

    • Robin Long 5 years ago

      Hi Michelle – the point of this challenge is to do short workouts every day. You’re welcome to double up if you desire longer workouts! 🙂

  31. Sherry McG 5 years ago

    Accomplished Day 3 !

  32. Kristin 5 years ago

    Hi there!
    Just getting started on day 3. But Im wondering if you have the youtube video set to private? I don’t see it on your channel or my subscription videos.
    Its easier for me to log in to my youtube on my tv and watch that way.
    Just making sure that will still be an option in the future?
    Thanks for this awesome 30 day challenge btw! Loving it!

    • Robin Long 5 years ago

      We forgot to switch it to public this morning! It should be available now. Thanks for letting us know. 🙂

  33. Pam 5 years ago

    Ouch! ? These sweet little 10 minute workouts are HARD…..but I love them. ?

  34. Katie 5 years ago

    Great workout…hope to improve on this one, wow! Thank you!!

  35. Christina 5 years ago

    I love how it is quick and yet not easy. I still feel the burn just enough to know I’m doing something good for my body!

  36. Pamela Gore 5 years ago

    I am really enjoying these workouts!!! I have taken private Pilates lessons for the past year.. Your instruction is excellent!!

  37. Michele 5 years ago

    Day 3 done. This was great I love it. Thank you Robin – it’s a great way to start the day.
    My goal – finish the. 30 days and have fun!! ??

  38. Sara 5 years ago

    My booty is burnin’! Day 3 done ?

  39. Mary Hamilton 5 years ago

    Day #3 completed! Thank you!

  40. Traci 5 years ago

    3 of 3. Thanks, Robin

  41. Teri 5 years ago

    Is there any modification for this one, I had some neck pain afterwards, unless I just put to much pressure on me neck?
    Liking this program so far though

  42. Kelly 5 years ago

    Day 3 complete! Definitely felt the burn and I’m still feeling it from yesterdays workout! The stretch at the end felt amazing!! Thanks so much!!

  43. Barbara 5 years ago

    Done! Great stretch at the end!

  44. Hilary 5 years ago

    Day 3 done- that one was hard!

  45. Cathy 5 years ago

    Hi robin,
    Love the challenge but struggled with this one as I am so overweight. Lifting my legs almost impossible can I modify with just repeating the first Couple moves?

    • Robin Long 5 years ago

      Absolutely you can! Just work with where you’re at. Remember, we all start somewhere. And don’t compare yourself to me – I’ve been doing this a long time! Start there and just stick with it. Trust me, it WILL pay off. 🙂

  46. Deva Andrews 5 years ago

    Did it and I am still able to walk!

  47. Erin 5 years ago

    This was fun, and done!

  48. Nicole 5 years ago

    I feel gone, Day 3 – DONE!

    • Nicole 5 years ago

      I mean, I feel good* Thank you auto correct!

  49. Judy 5 years ago

    Another great pilates series! Have been enoying the workouts for this 56 yr young body.

  50. Bobbi 5 years ago

    This is awesome…Ty for sharing with all of us..
    I do not have an Instagram, do I need to have one?

    • Robin Long 5 years ago

      No, you don’t. It’s just an option for those who enjoy it! 🙂

  51. luz resseguie 5 years ago

    Day 3 done great workout Thanks..

  52. Rhonda 5 years ago

    Day 3 done feeling good

  53. Laura 5 years ago

    I am loving these 10 minute workouts, Robin! Thank you, as always, for great content!

  54. Krishna 5 years ago

    That was great. May do it again tomorrow

  55. Patty 5 years ago

    Day 3 Done! Plus17 min PIYO w/slides, & 10 more minutes Pilates roll ups , roll overs and leg circles

  56. Chris 5 years ago

    Day 3 complete. Thanks !

  57. Me 5 years ago

    Day 3 done

  58. Megan 5 years ago

    Thanks Robin all the way from Sydney Australia.
    These workouts are great as an addition to my walking and short period of weight training. I’ve just turned 68 and need to keep flexible and Pilates with you seems to be the answer!

  59. Angela 5 years ago

    Feel the booty burn! Thanks for doing this challenge! 🙂

  60. Traci 5 years ago

    Day 3 complete! Thank you for a great one!

  61. Maggie 5 years ago

    Day 3 done. My goal is to complete the 30 day challenge. I love it so far. My biggest concern is finishing since I will have to finish the challenge while on vacation.

  62. Raluca 5 years ago

    This one seemed much easier than the last 2…maybe I was doing it wrong…either way, I love this program. Thanks for the 30 day challenge.

  63. Tiffany 5 years ago

    That kicked my bootie!!! Hurt so good.

  64. Erin 5 years ago

    Thank you, I’m done and it was great 🙂

  65. Rebecca 5 years ago

    My hip was popping at the leg lifts. I modified. Any ideas?

  66. Sherry 5 years ago

    I totally forgot to come back on here last night to say I completed day 3. My back hurt a little when we had to keep our feet and legs together??

  67. Janet 5 years ago

    Help…I did not receive an email for day 4. I am enjoying the workouts and missed not having a new one this morning, was it sent?

  68. Julie 5 years ago

    Thank you — I’m enjoying the 10 min daily Pilates…it is over before I know it.

  69. Debra 5 years ago

    Day 3 – felt good to stretch at the end. =)

  70. Mary 5 years ago

    Thanks, Robin! Love the butt workout! Stretch at the end is so effective! You make fitness fun!

  71. Rhianne 5 years ago

    Awesome mini-workout. This challenge has been great while I am writing report cards for this term. After I write report cards for one subject I take a water break and then pop over to the next day’s challenge. I feel so much better after slumping over the computer for so long! Thank you Robin 🙂

  72. Hetty 5 years ago


  73. Lindsay 5 years ago

    Done, playing catch up

  74. Jamie 4 years ago

    Day 3!!

  75. Nancy 4 years ago

    Robin, thank you for these workouts! They’re perfect for me as I return to working out after a LONG time off. I’m surprised how sore I am after just three days.

  76. Mary Beth 4 years ago

    Loving these workouts!

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