30-Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day #24 (booty burn!)

Hi Beauties!

Today’s workout is another “hurts so good” kind of workout. 🙂

Get down on your mat and let me know how it goes!

Note: if you feel any of this in your lower back make sure to really engage your core and think of LENGTHENING your lower back. Don’t hesitate to make movements smaller until you get stronger. When lying on your tummy you can also place a small folded towel under your pelvis for extra support.

Daily Check-In: Show me that you’re still with me! Post a photo on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #30daypilatesbody so I can cheer you on. 🙂




  1. Alicia 5 years ago

    Done. OMG!!!!

  2. Paulette Kierzek 5 years ago

    Felt burn…it felt good

  3. Ashley 5 years ago

    Felt the burn with this one! I am also realizing how tight my hamstrings are doing this challenge. Do you have any suggestions /workouts to help with that?

    • Robin Long 5 years ago

      I know it sounds too simple – but just keep doing Pilates! The exercises will help to improve flexibility throughout your entire body. You may also want to spend a little extra time with the Sunday Stretch & Relax routines. 🙂

  4. Carolyn 5 years ago

    I doubled up today with yesterday’s workout and today’s. Hooray!
    Thanks, Robin!

  5. Janet 5 years ago

    Done, feeling stronger every day!

  6. Barbara Haropolous 5 years ago

    *whew* done!

  7. kate mcfarland 5 years ago

    Happy days! done, thanks!

  8. Judy 5 years ago

    Done. Feeling strong!

  9. Patty 5 years ago

    Got of work early and took a stronger class at the gym. 1 hour. Not Pilates but I can say Day# 24 -Done

  10. Rowanda 5 years ago

    Day 24 is done

  11. Traci 5 years ago

    I couldn’t get the video to work:(. It might be our slow internet service though. I will try again tomorrow. I did run a mile and do some ab work.

    • Traci 5 years ago

      It worked this tome:). Thank you!

  12. Maggie 5 years ago

    Done! Thank you

  13. Julia 5 years ago

    Thank you so much! I am 55 and needing this, it’s not always easy, but you have so blessed me with your gentleness in the program. Press on.

  14. Erin 5 years ago

    I loved this one! Thank you!

  15. Gail 5 years ago

    Completed 23 and 24. Felt the burn!

  16. Nina 5 years ago

    Yes!!! Still here – playing catch up as we had a lovely Easter break away in Sydney & my calf muscles are paying me back for all the walking we did!!!!

  17. Rhonda 5 years ago

    Done playing catch up after Easter

  18. Sheila Ferguson 2 years ago

    done good one!

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