3 reasons you should go upside down every day

You should go upside down every day.

An old yoga teacher used to tell me this and it’s something I still think about today.⁣

I don’t know how to do fancy handstands and headstands (remember, I teach Pilates, not yoga!)⁣

But you don’t have to be fancy to reap the benefits of inversions. A simple downward dog or Pilates Roll Down will do the trick.⁣

Going upside down:⁣

1. Increases blood flow to the brain which helps with mood, concentration, and focus.⁣

2. Helps to counteract the negative effects of gravity. It helps to release pressure on the spine, reduce back pain, and other joint-related aches & pains.

3. Improves circulation, which in turn, boosts your energy levels!⁣

So slow down today and do a quick roll down.

Stand tall. Take an inhale. As you exhale, nod your chin to your chest and slowly roll your spine forward over your legs. Keep your knees soft. Draw your abs in, as you slowly roll back up to standing. ⁣

Repeat throughout the day!⁣


  1. Dianne Haire 6 days ago

    Did the first workout today. It was quick and 15 minutes was over before I knew it. I have issues with my left side, so it was difficult to do the exercises on the left side. other then that, it was great.

  2. Kim Quinn 6 days ago

    It was over before I knew it – but I felt the burn. Looking forward to this challenge.

  3. Donna 1 day ago

    I’ve done the 6 days, I’m really enjoying the workouts, the 15 minutes goes so quick. I modify when needed.

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