3 Athleisure Pieces I’m Loving

Back to school means back to work for me…and my work attire can be summed up in one trendy word: athleisure.

My closet is full of clothes that transition easily from preschool drop off, to work, to coffee dates to the Pilates studio. And just for fun, I thought I’d share 3 new pieces I’m loving right now…

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Zella Fly Away Jacket: this jacket is so comfy and is perfect for throwing on over workout clothes for errands and preschool drop off. I love the length and simple, yet flattering style.

Athleta High Rise Mesh Chaturanga Pant: You’ll see these in almost every video I’ve filmed recently because when I say I’m living in something….well, I’m not joking. 🙂 Chaturanga pants from Athleta are my favorite pants on the market. They’re soft, flattering and durable. I love that these are high rise and have cute mesh details at the bottom. This exact style is no longer available, but these are similar.

Keds Studio Dash Slip Ons : Keds sent me a pair of these to try since they are designed to be worn from the studio to errands/coffee/brunch/etc. They’re super lightweight and comfortable. I’m loving them!

I’m curious – are you on board with the athleisure trend? Or do you wear your workout clothes strictly for your workouts?


This post was written in partnership with Keds.

  1. Liz S. 3 years ago

    I basically live in my workout clothes, haha. I’m a major fan of Lorna Jane pieces.

  2. Carolyn Baskett 3 years ago

    Hi Robin, your new outfit is so on trend! Love that jacket! Yes I like athleisure wear too. Actually last night I ordered a new pair of powervita pants from Athleta. It’s a new fabric in the chataranga line…check it out! Like you, I often go from workout to running errands, and don’t shower til when I get home!

  3. Danielle Faulkner 3 years ago

    I work at Athleta so basically I am a walking billboard for the brand. Love all of it! Powervita pants are amazing!

  4. Carla Davis 3 years ago

    I live in my workout clothes too! These pieces are super cute.

  5. Audra Franklin 3 years ago

    I only wear for working out😊

  6. Brooke 3 years ago

    Yes! I mean, I’m mainly either at home with my kids, playing outside with them, or running errands, so dreading up is just silly. It’s jeans/shorts and tees or workout clothes! And I LOVE the high rise Chaturangas. My mom works at Athleta and I get at least one new pair a year 😉. I basically lived in them while I was pregnant, since I didn’t want to buy “maternity” clothes that I could only wear while pregnant. They’re the best!

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