28 Days of Pilates: day 20


Hi Beauties!

I’m running around like a crazy woman today so I’m keeping this morning’s post short and sweet.

Today’s workout is full of challenging abdominal exercises – a few  traditional Pilates exercises paired with some fun variations.

Remember that it is 100% okay (and recommended) to modify exercises to make them work for your body. My intent is to challenge you and I don’t expect you to be able to do everything perfectly!

I have to provide something to work for right?


Also, if looking for ways to modify exercises as you increase your strength and flexibility you may enjoy this post:

Pilates Mat: tips for tight muscles

Enjoy your workout!

(if you are unable to prop yourself up on your elbows simply lie flat on your back)

Today’s Check-In: just post a photo to show me that you’re getting it done! We have 10 days left so checking-in is the best way to stay motivated 🙂



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  1. Liz S. 6 years ago

    Those criss-cross leg moves are tricky! Which is a good thing. Great abs challenge today!

    Hang in there and good luck with your crazy-busy day! I appreciate you taking the time to create each video and post.

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      They are tough aren’t they?? Great job on getting another workout done Liz. I love your dedication! And thank you for your kind support 🙂

  2. Melissa Chittenden 6 years ago

    Wow! What a great way to start my morning. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      You’re welcome Melissa! Thank YOU for your support 🙂

  3. Aurélie 6 years ago

    Great one!! Loved it; probably my favorite abs workout so far!!
    Day 20 already !! I can’t believe it went so fast!!

  4. sky 6 years ago

    Another great one, Robin! I just have to say how happy I am for having stuck with this every single day so far…I can’t wait to say I completed the whole thing (though I will miss it!).

  5. Robin Long 6 years ago

    You should be SO happy and so proud! It’s going to feel so good to say that. You’re doing amazing! 🙂

  6. Michelle 6 years ago

    My husband and I are doing these challenges together every day– and loving them! Too bad February is a short month… we’ll really miss these daily challenges, and we are SO grateful for your work in offering this program.

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Hi Michelle, I love that. What a great thing to do together! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and let me know how it’s going for you 🙂

  7. Cara 6 years ago

    Oh boy. Those were hard. Thanks Robin. I’m going to miss these daily
    videos come March. I look forward to them!!

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Thanks Cara! And yes, today was hard 🙂 Great job!

  8. kate 6 years ago

    Another great workout! I look forward to these everyday and I don’t want them to end. Thank you, you do such a great job!

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      I don’t want it to end either Kate! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am 🙂

  9. teri watkins 6 years ago

    That was a hard one! Thanks so much Robin, I have loved doing pilates again.

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Hi Teri! I’m so glad to hear that. And yes, this was hard! I thought so too 🙂

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