2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Monday, Beauties!

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s time for The Balanced Life’s annual holiday gift guide! This is one of my favorite post to put together because I get to share some of my favorite products with you. Whether you use this gift to shop for your loved ones or as an opportunity to fill your own Christmas list, I hope you find it helpful!

(And stay tuned, a healthy kids gift guide is coming soon!)

2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide


Some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, The Balanced Life receives commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Full disclosure.

1.Lily Bag

I’ve had my eyes on this bag for the past few months and it’s definitely on my list this year! It’s gorgeous in person and between the compartments, shoe bag, padded laptop pocket, mat holder, backpack straps and water bottle pocket, what’s not to love??

2. The Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

This is an amazing cookbook! I’m a bit proponent of eating in a way that reduces inflammation in the body – and this cookbook is a perfect guide to help you do so on a regular basis. Written by my good friend, Madeline Given, it’s full of information and delicious recipes.

3. Balanced Body Magic Foam Roller

There are a lot of foam rollers out there, but I have yet to find one that I love as much as this one. It’s comfortable, durable and an easy way to upgrade your home workouts. Add this to your list and enjoy the foam roller Pilates workouts inside The Sisterhood workout library!

4. PowerSheets

It’s no secret that I love PowerSheets. I already have my 2018 set ready to go and love giving these as gifts to important women in my life. For a more detailed review, click here.

5. Rincon Backpack

Spend any amount of time here in Santa Barbara and you’ll eventually see a Rincon Backpack passing by. I own this bag and use it on a daily basis. I love that it’s big enough to fit coats, lunch boxes, toys, water bottles and ALL THE THINGS that come along with little kids. I know the owners of Parker Clay and love their mission to transform communities in Ethiopia through social and economic empowerment.

6. Vitamix Blender

The Vitamix makes my list EVERY year – but it’s for a good reason! This blender makes the smoothest smoothies in town makes it easier to eat healthy as a family. Since the price is high, it’s hard to spend this kind of money on yourself. But asking for $ toward your Vitamix fund is a great way to purchase something that will help you to nourish your body and keep you moving forward toward your health & wellness goals.

7. Nutri-Bullet

If the Vitamix is a bit out of your budget, the Nutri-Bullet might be the one to add to your list this year. I bought one for my parents last year (along with a tub of Vital Proteins Collagen Powder) and LOVE using it when I go to visit! It’s small, powerful, easy to use and easy to clean. I’ve been super impressed!

8. Online Pilates Membership

Do you love your online Pilates workouts? Gift memberships for The Balanced Life Sisterhood are now available! A perfect gift for busy women. Click here to learn more.

9. Balanced Body Eco-Wise Pilates Mat

If you’ve been doing Pilates at home for any amount of time, you need this mat! The extra padding will make your spine so happy. This mat is well made and free of latex, PVC, phthalates or chloride.


1.Gaiam Resistance Band Kit

I have these bands at home and love the way they add resistance and supplement my at-home Pilates workouts. They’re lightweight, versatile and easy to travel with!

2. Native Deodorant

FINALLY! A natural deodorant that actually works. I’ve been singing the praises of Native Deodorant for the past few months and I just can’t stop. I feel so grateful to have found a more natural deodorant that actually works (trust me, I’ve tried SO many that haven’t!). This is perfectly practical stocking stuffer. And the best part? You can get 10% off by using the code balancedlife10 at checkout!

3. Sisterhood Soap

I’m a big supporter of Preemptive Love Coalition and when I saw that they have a whole line of “Sisterhood” products that support women around the world, I immediately made a note to collaborate with them in some way. I haven’t done that yet, but I love the mission behind this handmade soap and also love that it’s all natural. Gifts that give back are definitely my favorite kind of gifts. 🙂

4. Tucketts Studio Socks

Most Pilates and barre studios require socks. The best studio socks are comfortable and functional. I don’t know about you, but don’t like having my toes covered because it hinders my balance and ability to fully move and use my whole foot. I love the feel of Tucketts: grippy bottoms, open toes, fun colors and a good fit. I also love the company’s commitment to the environment and ethical labor. A perfect stocking stuffer if you ask me!

5. The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush

Dry brushing is a great way to boost circulation, assist the body’s natural detoxification process and rejuvenate dull skin. This brush has a good shape and long handle to make it easy and effortless.

6. Instacart Gift Card

Is there ANYTHING better than having groceries ordered online and delivered to your door the same day? If you’re a busy lady looking to simplify and streamline your life – Instacart may be just the think you’re looking for. An Instacart gift card is a perfect little stocking stuffer that supports a healthy, balanced, nourishing lifestyle. Get $10 added to your account by using the link here in my post!

7. Grace Over Guilt Mug

Start the day with a reminder to embrace self-compassion.

I could go on and on, but hopefully this list is helpful for you as you’re making your lists and checking them twice!

Happy Holidays, Beauties!


Note: affiliate links are used in this post. 


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  1. Susie Frei 8 months ago

    Thank you for the recommendations!
    I wonder if there are other sisterhood members who would like to buy a gift certificate for a friend, but the 3-month gift is more than the budget allows for a friend gift? I’d love the option to buy a 1-month gift certificate, hoping that the recipient will use it, enjoy it, and join the sisterhood as a result.
    Just thinking out loud…

  2. Missa 8 months ago

    These are wonderful recommendations! Thank you for sharing.

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