12 Days Of Pilates: Day 1 (abs)

12 days of pilates

Let’s kick this thing off shall we?

The first workout in the 12 Days Of Pilates challenge is from the Pilates Summer Series.

Enjoy this little trip to the beach in the middle of December. And of course, enjoy the ab work… πŸ™‚

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  1. Katy 6 years ago

    Done! Whew, you weren’t messing around with this one!

  2. mandi 6 years ago

    this is the first workout I have done since I have been struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum in my pregnancy. I’m 14 weeks and had a window of feeling ok this morning so I decided to do this. I did everything but the twist. i’m going to finish off with some prenatal yoga. Love your workouts!

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Oh I imagine it has been such a hard 14 weeks for you! I’m so glad you had a window of feeling well this morning. Keep listening to your body and adjust the exercises to suit your needs. xoxo

  3. Missy 6 years ago

    My abs are screaming! Thank you for an awesome workout!

  4. Anne 6 years ago

    Done! Great way to start the day!

  5. Viviana 6 years ago

    Waiting for tomorrow!! (Y) πŸ™‚

  6. Susan 6 years ago

    This was great…and your feet…a dancers dream…nice ab series

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Haha, thank you Susan! If only I realized that during my dancing days. xo

  7. Carolyn 6 years ago

    Done! Now on to ballet class. Happy Saturday everyone~

  8. Sharon 6 years ago

    Great 1st workout & the area I need the most work on! Great start to my Saturday…Thank you!!

  9. Valerie 6 years ago

    This is one of my favorites. It’s still challenging for me, but I can get through the whole routine now!

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      That’s great to hear Valerie! It’s working!

  10. Bietka 6 years ago

    yey…my abs are quite weak point:/ i hope it’s gonna be better. Thanks Robin!:)

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      It will get better Bietka. Just stick with it!

  11. Ashley Hales 6 years ago

    Whew! After 4 babies I sure need this one! Did it.

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      4 babies! You are my hero. Great job. πŸ™‚

  12. Christine 6 years ago

    WoW! That sure was a wake up call that I’ve been slacking! Loved it! Thanks

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Good thing there are more ab workouts coming your way! πŸ™‚

  13. Andrea 6 years ago

    Loved the quick workout today! It’s so easy to commit to a short duration workout. Thanks!!

  14. Monica 6 years ago

    day 1, done. Thanks Robin!

  15. Valerie 6 years ago

    Great workout! Can’t wait to see what the next 11 days hold!!

  16. Jess 6 years ago

    Day one – 4 mile run
    & now pilates are done!
    (This is a haiku)

  17. Petra Connell 6 years ago

    done, ouch! This has really shown me how weak my tummy muscles are, I found it very hard indeed!

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Great job Petra! More ab workouts to come to keep you moving in the right direction. πŸ™‚

  18. Sara 6 years ago

    Done! That was great πŸ™‚

  19. Stephanie 6 years ago

    I loved it!!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thank YOU for joining in. πŸ™‚

  20. Shannon 6 years ago

    Done! That was great. I got some new ideas for my ab workouts. Thanks! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  21. Erin M. 6 years ago

    I love love love this ab workout!!!! It keeps my abs burning from start to finish. So very empowering. I can’t wait to do legs

  22. Laura 6 years ago

    Was a little busy this weekend so doing yesterday and today’s now. Day 1 done! One with Day 2..love these. Nothing beats Pilates

  23. Hanan 6 years ago

    You inspired me ! thank you so much

    Hanan from Saudi Arabia !

  24. Liz 6 years ago

    Holy moly. I do regular pilates but this was hard. Still plenty of room for improvement. Thank you Robin πŸ™‚

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