11 Healthy Foods To Buy At Costco Right Now

I’ll admit, I’m totally late to the Costco game.

But I have good reason! Due to the many challenges I faced while breastfeeding, I had to go on a restricted diet and unfortunately, Costco didn’t carry many products that I could eat. In addition to that, I’m pretty picky about meat and produce so it just didn’t seem like a good fit.

But Costco has made big strides in the past few years and I love how they’ve added more high-quality and organic items to their shelves. I now shop there 1x per month and thought it would be fun to share some of our staples in case you shop there too. 🙂


RX Bars: clean and simple ingredients. Sweetened with dates and easy to grab-and-go.

Pistachios: my kids love these!

Bare Organic Apple Chips: just apples, no extra ingredients or added sugar – great for healthy snacking!

Organic Almond Butter: almond butter can be expensive – this a great value.


Teton Waters 100% Grass-Fed Beef Sausage: grass-fed, nitrate-free and delicious!

Organic Apple Sauce Pouches: my kids love these. Costco’s brand is organic and doesn’t contain added high fructose corn syrup like some brands do!

Aidells Chicken & Apple Sausage: I usually buy the organic sausge but grabbed the wrong package this week. I always have these on hand for quick meals.

Wholly Guacamole Minis: great for snacking or adding a little healthy fat to meals on-the-go (I sometimes use it in place of salad dressing!)Costco-Healthy-FoodLate July Multigrain Tortilla Chips: organic, non-gmo and extra nutrients from the quinoa, chia & flax.

Wild Roots Trail Mix: we mix it up with trail mix but my husband loves this one. 🙂

Rumiano Organic Cheese: this is the brand I buy at Sprouts so was excited to see it at Costco as well!

There are plenty of other healthy foods at Costco (like the abundance of produce that I didn’t feature here), but these are a few staples we love and enjoy.

Do you shop at Costco? What are your favorite healthy items?



  1. Jamie 4 years ago

    We like to buy dates (use them to make freezer chocolate cups and as sweetener in lots of baked goods), bulk peanuts (to make homemade PB), hummus, frozen berries. I’m impressed you only go once a month – we end up there almost every week! 🙂

    • Author
      Robin Long 4 years ago

      Ooh good call! Dates are so versatile I love having them on hand. 🙂

      • Jamie 4 years ago

        A tip from our local Costco – make sure to check both the produce AND dried fruit/nuts sections of the store. For some reason, the dates that are stocked in the produce section are much more expensive than the ones in the fruit/nut section. Go figure!

  2. Jennifer Wyld 4 years ago

    I am also new to the Costco game- we are vegetarians and try to shop organic and low packaging when we can- but we love the giant bags of organic frozen fruit for smoothies and great prices on other staples like unsweetened, organic almond milk, coconut water, and their organic diced tomatoes to add to homemade chili and soup! We make it about once every two months and even split some things with our 24 year old daughter- when the quantity seems overwhelming…

    thanks for sharing some more finds!

    • Emily Colwell 4 years ago

      Me too Jennifer! I second their frozen fruit, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and diced tomatoes all organic and currently in my house, I need to restock on fruit, but since everything is just coming into season here I probably won’t need any for a little while.

  3. Terrie McElroy 4 years ago

    I share food items with my daughter & son-in-law when I can get there. The almond milk is a great buy. I also get vinegar, baking soda, peroxide every time I go! Also picked up some Epsom Salts last time for a great price! I get their walnuts, extremely great price for a 3 lb bag! I do not live near one, so I don’t get there near as often as I would like. I am going to look for the other items that Robin and others have shared 🙂

  4. Susan Pollock 4 years ago

    Wow, Robin, this is almost my shopping list! I see some new products of which I was unaware. I’ll have to see if my store carries the grass-fed beef sausage. Costco is my main store; with 9 plus mouths to feed on a daily basis they have the quantity at the right price. Although, I still need to watch prices carefully because it isn’t always the best deal, but usually it is. I use pistachios to make pesto since I’m allergic to pine nuts. I’ll have to look for those kernels–much easier than shelling enough for my recipe!

    Jaime, there is quite a difference in dates. The dates in the produce section are medjool dates, whereas the others are deglet noor. There is a distinct difference in flavor and texture. I prefer the medjool as a natural sweetener. They also are quite tasty stuffed with almonds. Whereas, the deglet noor I use for baking. Here is a great website to learn more about varieties of dates: https://www.shieldsdategarden.com.

  5. Lori Barrow 4 years ago

    Frozen fruit!! They have the best prices I’ve found for it.
    I also buy our lunch meat here- I can remember the brand but they have a nitrite/nitrate free turkey we love. It has multiple packages so I can keep one it and freeze the rest.

  6. Nicole Mangum 4 years ago

    What a great list! We buy the applesauce all the time and I love the Aidells sausage.

  7. K Ann Guinn 4 years ago

    Well, I never realized that we even had a Cosco within about a half hour’s drive, until recently. I’m a hearing aide wearer with hearing aides that are on their way out, and got a tip from my husband’s boss that he is very happy with the ones he got there, as well as their service! I have an appointment in a couple of weeks, and from what we’ve read, they offer a quality product at SO MUCH LOWER PRICE than the thousands of dollars I’ve been quoted on elsewhere. I know it won’t apply to many of you, but if you are or know a person who needs or wears hearing aides, I strongly suggest you check it out!

    Since I’ll have to become a member for the hearing aides, I plan to shop there once in awhile. We currently shop at a BJ’s wholesale club near us, and find a lot of the same type of healthy, good food choices that Robin and the rest of you have mentioned. They also have become more aware of people’s desires to eat more healthy, and I’ve also noticed more and more options for organic and otherwise healthy foods to purchase. One thing I really like is the big bags of “more healthy” snack foods (like the chips Robin mentioned). Although my family eats fairly well, my 18 & 20-year old sons who live at home are both constantly eating, so these are better snack options (and much, much cheaper!) than most of what I purchase at the regular market.

  8. Martina 4 years ago

    Organic pasture raised EGGS! Lots of organic items: pitted Dates, frozen fruit, avocado oil, coconut oil, fresh organic berries, avocados, just to name a few of my faves! Thanks for sharing! Always looking for new ideas!

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