#1: What This Space Is About

It makes me so happy that this is was the most popular post of 2013.

Because this is my heart…on the page.

If you get anything from this site I hope it would be this.

At one point in my life I heard the phrase “make your mess your message.”

And I’ve been trying to live that out ever since. Thank you of coming with me on this journey and for being a part of this community….this group of Balanced Life beauties.

I am so grateful for you.

The #1 most popular post of 2013…


What This Space Is About

I’m happy to share that The Balanced Life readership has grown quite a bit as of late.

So if you are new to this community, welcome!

I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want this site to go….what I love about it, what I want to change, and how I can serve you and The Balanced Life community best.

I’ve been writing here and building this community for 3+ years and I’m just as passionate about it today as I was back then. Actually, more.

Between The Pilates Body ProgramSlim & Strong in SixBalanced Beginnings and TBL Run Club we have such an AWESOME group of women connected to this site and I’d love to see us all come forward more to share, connect and do navigate together in this space.

Today I’m feeling inspired to remind myself, and you, what this little space on the internet is all about…

This space is about seeking balance. And acknowledging that balance looks different to everyone and in every season of life.

Balance is not about giving equal weight to all things but rather matching the way we spend our time with our values….

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I’ll be back with fresh, new content next week!


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  1. Dana 6 years ago

    I am new to this site, but very happy I found it! I’ve been searching for a blog with a focus on pilates for awhile and could not seem to find one. This one is great! 🙂

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