Testimonials from Robin's 6 week online Pilates + nutrition program

"I saw results SO fast..."

I was surprised at how quickly my body responded to such simple changes. I'm much more toned in my abs, back and arms, my pants fit better and I love what I see in the mirror (that's priceless). I loved the constant and available communication Robin provided. I never felt like I was inconveniencing her with my questions and updates. I had full access to Robin which is really hard to find in an exercise program.

You WILL see results. I haven't seen results with any exercise program in the past so I was skeptical that I would actually respond to this. I was surprised to see my body change within the first week! This program helped me build sturdy, long-standing habits that I can stick to. I now know how to eat and how to exercise to change my body and there is freedom in that. I would recommend this program to everyone.

Catherine Van Nostrand, Pilates Body Program Alumn
In home Pilates training

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"My weight hasn't been this low in a LONG time."

"I struggle with motivating myself to stick with a program long enough to see results. But this program completely solved my problem. I really enjoyed the program in that I didn't feel like I had to starve myself or exercise constantly to lose weight. My weight hasn't been this low in a LONG time. And I feel much stronger than before. The best part was having someone check in and send motivational tools along the way. Knowing someone was going to ask how things went helped me to make better choices on a daily basis. THANK YOU for helping me start my hear off in such a great way. I think I'll be signing up for round 2 also :)"

Karen L., Pilates Body Program Alumn

"I definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants a plan that tells them exactly what to do to get in shape...

"I lost 12 lbs on the program and feel so much better than I did 6 weeks ago! I'm more focused and motivated than ever and feel equipped and prepared to continue this journey on my own. Robin is so supportive and fun to work with. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants a plan that tells them exactly what to do to get in shape. In addition this program changed my cooking habits and I'm now much more confident in the kitchen - using whole foods, herbs & spices to make delicious meals (rather than getting flavor from store-bought sauces and cheese). I'm SO happy I did this!"

Lauryn W., Pilates Body Program Alumn

I felt like I mattered throughout the whole program

"Before the PBP I struggled with recipe boredom, snack boredom and exercise boredom. I was looking for something new to help me overcome these problems. This program was a little push in that direction. I felt good about myself because I was experiencing some results due to discipline, and that makes me happier. I think taking on a 6 week program requiring lots of discipline, though not necessarily easy, adds enjoyment and contentment, because we're working for something specific with realistic expectations.

After 6 weeks I saw a more toned mid-section, I was sitting and standing taller and my arms felt leaner. I didn't have bloating as often as I have had during different seasons of eliminations and food trials. My pants fit more comfortably, I've been sleeping better, and had great energy throughout the day when I did the videos early in the morning. I loved the e-mail dialogue with Robin. It's just nice to have a cheerleader out there. I felt like I mattered throughout the whole program. She has a really positive energy, gave specific feedback, offered personal suggestions, was approachable and causal in tone of conversation. All a great help!

I recommend this program. I love that Robin emphasized giving yourself grace and acceptance, options, encouragement, community, goals, and follow-through. And it's fun to know others out there were doing it with me.

Emilie S., Pilates Body Program Alumn

Testimonial's from Robin's local clients

I highly recommend her Pilates program to people of all ages

I am in my 50's and have been working with Robin for the past 9 months. can honestly say that I feel stronger, calmer and more self-confident than I have in years. Before our first session we talked about any physical issues that I may have and discussed my goals and expectations. Pilates with Robin has provided me with a workout that requires less time but with more results than any exercise program that I have ever participated in. Robin is a caring, sensitive teacher and person and I highly recommend her Pilates program to people of all ages who want to feel stronger and healthier in their lives.

Julie, Local Client

Always so motivating and full of positive energy...

"I am so glad to have started Pilates with Robin! She is such a joy to work with-always so motivating and full of positive energy. She checks in with me before each session and asks how I'm feeling- Robin customizes my workout to my comfort level and needs, while making it fun and challenging each and every time. After just a few short months of consistent training (two times/week), I've felt a dramatic rise in my energy levels, my clothes fit better, and I'm seeing significant muscle definition in my arms and abs (first appearance ever)! Overall, Pilates just makes me feel great, inside and out! I've seen such a difference in only a few months, and I'm just getting started! I can't wait to see where I'm at after a whole year of Pilates, and beyond! What can I say, Robin Rocks!! :)"

Emiko K., Local Client

Her passion for health and well-being were such a gift to this group of women...

"Robin led a pilates session at a “women-only event” I was in charge of in April 2011. It was amazing! Her passion for health and well-being were such a gift to this group of women and truly added so much to our event. She incorporated several “poses” that were challenging yet still inclusive for the beginners in the group. Her instruction was delivered with confidence and poise, which created a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Not only did our attendees enjoy Robin’s session, but she is someone we definitely want to bring back to our future events!

Brooke Lee, Local Client

I am off of nearly all of my anxiety medication

"For many years now I have been taking daily medication for my anxiety levels. After just 7 months of training with Robin, I have come off of nearly all of my anxiety medication. Robin taught me how to breath, listen to my body and take care of myself so that I no longer had to depend on medication to keep me feeling good and calm. Pilates has become a necessity in my life and I am so grateful for a teacher that has changed my body and changed my life."

Anonymous, Local Client
Pilates equipment training peninsula

Robin Long is a master instructor. Period. Believe me....

“Of all the approaches to exercise I’ve done over the years (and there have been many approaches and many years!), taking up Pilates- with Robin specifically- has been absolutely THE BEST!

I’ve had:

  • Acute tightness and involuntary hunching in my shoulders because of using machines in workouts
  • Tight peroneal muscles from doing core work balancing on one leg, and with the added weight from machines, too
  • Carrying my head too far forward and getting my body out of alignment from computer work and straining in workouts

The list could go on. Pilates prevents and corrects all that and Robin Long is a master instructor. Period. Believe me.

We all know all instructors are not created equal. Robin is meticulous… And without being know-it-all-ish, overbearing, too repetitive, excessive or boring. She doesn’t miss a thing- each detail matters in doing something the right way or a wrong way, and she has it covered! Her observations are, without exception, right on the money and every single time she makes a suggestion I say out loud, “How did you see that?” or “How did you know to say that right then?” I’m meticulous about what I get out of each exercise (without it we don’t get the result we’re looking for), but she has been so thorough through her training that (a) it’s obvious in her teaching and knowledge base, and (b) she intuitively gets what most miss, and without a whiff of arrogance. Her style of communicating and interfacing is not only highly effective, it’s refreshing and I can’t wait to get to my next session.

This is, by far, the best fit of an exercise method for my body… To tone, firm, and maintain."

Marie L, Local Client