5 Minute Pilates Plank Challenge

Hi Beauties!

I've got a fun little plank challenge for you this morning!

If you're tired of the same old boring plank you'll love this routine. In this video I lead you through a 5 minute Pilates plank challenge that's perfect to add on after a cardio workout or simply to use when you're short on time.

Planks target the entire body [...]

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Top 5 Post of 2015: #1 Pilates For Beginners – Neutral Spine & Hip Mechanics

Hi Beauties!

We've made it to the #1 post of 2015. This post was viewed, liked and shared more than any other post I wrote in 2015.

I love knowing that people are learning the RIGHT way to use their bodies and build strong cores through this series. So without further ado...the #1 post of 2015...

#1: Pilates [...]

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Pilates 4×4: FAQ


This post is for those of you who are trying to decide if Pilates 4x4 is right for you.

I've received a lot of great questions about the program so if you're on the fence or still curious about how the program works these FAQ's may help:

1. I don't have a barre at home. Will I still [...]

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Monday – Friday Pilates Challenge (Friday)

Happy Friday!

I don't know about you but I am so ready for the weekend. I'll be working a lot as I get the PBP ladies set up and ready to kick things off next week, but I still love the slower pace of Saturday & Sunday. :)

Today marks the last day in the "Monday - [...]

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Monday – Friday Pilates Challenge (Thursday)

Hi Beauties!

Keeping it short and sweet today and sending you straight to Thursday's workout as a part of the "Monday - Friday Pilates Challenge" I'm hosting with The Body Book.

Today's workout focuses on side-lying work, which is great for whittling the waist, strengthening the obliques and toning the backside. Keep in mind that alignment is [...]

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Monday – Friday Pilates Challenge (Wednesday)

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a CRAZY week around here, but a good one too.

Are you on Instagram? If so, you saw that I've teamed up with some other inspiring women to give away a $1000 travel voucher! Yes, that's $1000 you can use in whatever way you choose! How great is that? Be sure to [...]

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Monday – Friday Pilates Challenge (Tuesday)

Hi Beauties,

A new, short energizing Pilates routine is up on my YouTube channel and The Body Book's blog as a part of the "Monday - Friday Pilates Challenge."

As a reminder, The Body Book and I teamed up to create a well-rounded Pilates series you can do each day of the week. These routines are meant to [...]

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Monday – Friday Pilates Challenge (Monday)

Good morning!

I'm honored to be over on The Body Book today leading us through an energizing Monday - Friday Pilates challenge. The Body Book is Cameron Diaz's latest project that is full of inspiring healthy, fitness & wellness inspiration. I love what they're doing.

I was asked to create a short Pilates routine for each day of the [...]

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Last chance to snag free Pilates workouts…

Happy Friday!

Before I take off for the weekend I want to remind you that tomorrow is the deadline to snag 3 FREE Pilates workouts when signing up for The Balanced Life Sisterhood.

As a reminder, if you sign up for the monthly subscription service by tomorrow (it's only $9) you also receive:

Core Power: 10 minutes of pure [...]

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Free Pilates at Athleta in February!

I'm excited to share that I'll be hosting free Pilates classes at Athleta at Park Meadows during the month of February!

Sarah Beth Yoga and I are joining Athleta in the "Renew. Revive. Remix" 28-day challenge.

Throughout the month of February Athleta will be hosting a variety of FREE classes. Seriously 100% free. No catch.

Join us for [...]

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The Balanced Life Sisterhood – snag your spot!

Hi beauties,

I'm THRILLED to share very exciting news with you today.

First off, I hope you like the look of the newly designed website! I've been working with a team to make The Balanced Life much more user-friendly so that you can easily access old posts along with past challenges and free workouts.

Check out the tabs [...]

Top 5 Posts of 2014: how to release knots in your back

It amazes me how many people are searching "knots in back" on a daily basis. We all need more Pilates! :)

The #2 most popular post of 2014 explains how to release knots in your back and shoulders using a tennis ball at home. I hope you find it helpful!

Many of my clients complain of knots [...]

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