Benefits of Fermented Foods

Happy Monday, Beauties!
I hope you're enjoying these Baby Steps To Balanced Living as much as I am.
It's been a great reminder for me to focus on the little things I can do to improve my health each day. It's so easy to get lazy!
I'm back in the routine of warm lemon water in the morning [...]

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Daily Exercises For A Healthy Spine

For those of you just joining in, we're taking Baby Steps to Balanced Living here on the blog this month.

We've covered baby step #1 (warm lemon water in the morning) and #2 (dry skin brushing) and now we're on to baby step #3...

Daily Exercises For a Healthy Spine
If you haven't read Return To Life Through [...]

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Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

A few weeks ago I posted a photo on Facebook & Instagram of my dry brush routine. I received a lot of questions via comments, email and even texts from friends on how to get started so I figured a post was in order.

Baby Step To Balanced Living #2: dry skin brushing.

I love dry brushing [...]

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Baby Steps To Balanced Living: warm lemon water in the morning

If we're connected on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you've already seen glimpses of an exciting program that's in the works for the month of February. The program will be taking place here on the blog so stay tuned. You won't want to miss it :)

But in the meantime, as we embark on a new year I'm [...]

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WTF Is Cancer?

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, I decided right away that if I was going to have to have a tumor, I was going to do something with it.”

Allison W. Gryphon has been a Pilates devotee for 5 years, but the workout became an even more important part of her life in when she was [...]

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New Year, New You Pinterest Party!

Happy New Year Beauties!

I'm back in action and beyond excited for a new year.

If we're friends on Facebook or Instagram you know I've been dreaming up big plans for 2014. I'm creating new programs and fresh content to help you reach your goals this year.

And to kick it all off I'd love to invite you [...]

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#1: What This Space Is About

It makes me so happy that this is was the most popular post of 2013.

Because this is my heart…on the page.

If you get anything from this site I hope it would be this.

At one point in my life I heard the phrase "make your mess your message."

And I've been trying to live that out ever [...]

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How I Gained 15 lbs + 5 Tips For Healthy Holidays

Today I'm guest-posting over on LB's Good Spoon sharing 5 tips to stay healthy over the holidays. I also share how I gained 15 POUNDS one Christmas. 15 delicious pounds :)

CLICK HERE to read the full post.


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#9: How To Write a Health Vision

The #9 most popular post in 2013 is perfect to look back on as we approach a new year. Try incorporating this into your resolution tradition this year...

How To Write A Health Vision
While many people create vision boards and ideas of what they want their life to look like on the outside, there is great [...]

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2013 Year In Review

Are we really approaching the end of the year?!

I know it's cliche, but I can't believe how fast the past few months have gone by.

Here we are, approaching holiday season and the start of a New Year. It snuck up on me, but I'm ready for it.

At the end of every year I like to [...]

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Link Love: what I’ve been reading…

Happy Thanksgiving week!

I'm so excited for the holidays I can hardly stand it. It's taking every ounce of self-control to keep the Christmas decorations in their boxes. Come Friday morning, it's on!

In the meantime, here are a few links to interesting things I've been reading around the web:

What I Want My Daughter To Know About [...]

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What This Space Is About

I'm happy to share that The Balanced Life readership has grown quite a bit as of late.

So if you are new to this community, welcome!

I'm glad you're here.

I've been thinking a lot about where I want this site to go....what I love about it, what I want to change, and how I can serve you [...]

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