Body After Baby: birth – week 3

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While I'm technically still out on "maternity leave" (when you're self-employed, maternity leave is a relative term), I'm popping in to share an update on my postpartum journey with you.

I've thought long and hard about how I want to share my this journey here on the blog and I really appreciated your feedback on Instagram [...]

Healthy Snack Ideas Using Nut Butter

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A few months ago I attended the Work Life Thrive summit hosted by my good friend Cindy of Women In The Mix. It was a wonderful event and while I was there I met Jess from Kalot Superfood. I was excited to officially meet her because I've been a fan of Kalot's nut butters since I [...]

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Nourishing Families: meals for new parents

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As you know I'm taking a little time to rest and adjust to life with a new little one so I have a wonderful guest post lined up for you today.

My friend, Madeline, is a nutritionist and foodie.  When she offered to write about healthy meals for new parents I said "yes please!" It [...]

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Link Love: what I’ve been reading…

Happy Monday!

Popping in with a few links to interesting articles you may enjoy...

Plastic Purge: 10 safer ways to store food.

The pelvic floor is one of the most misunderstood muscle groups. This is a great post with exercises you can do from home. (goop)

THIS is why I do what I do. Only 7% of millenial women are [...]

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How I Got Back Into Running After Having a Baby

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I'm excited to share today's guest post for so many reasons.

First, Natalie Borton is one of my favorite bloggers. I'm not sure what it is about her style and content but I just love it. I think it's the way she effortlessly blends inspiration with authenticity. I love her style and really appreciate her [...]

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Mindfulness: tips to avoid going through life on autopilot

Hi Beauties,
I'm so excited to share today's guest post by Dawn Olivares. Mindfulness has been something I've been thinking a lot about lately and I love Dawn's perspective on the topic.
In today's post she provides practical tips and advice about how to stay present and avoid going through our days on autopilot. I hope you enjoy it [...]

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What might we gain if we give up the desire to do it all?

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I am SO excited to introduce you to today's guest blogger. I met Nicole through a mutual friend a few years back. She has recently launched a new blog to share her gifts and story with the world. I always admire women who are putting themselves out there and seeking to encourage others and [...]

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Protected: Sisterhood: September Monthly Mission

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Protected: Sisterhood: September Workout, Calendar & Recipes

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Postpartum Exercise: returning to Pilates after pregnancy

After having my first daughter I remember being shocked by how weak my abs and pelvic floor felt when I started exercising again.

I had kept up with my Pilates and walking routine throughout the entire pregnancy so I didn’t expect to feel as though I had lost so much strength.

This was incredibly eye opening to [...]

August Favorites

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Can you believe we're wrapping up another month? I hardly can. I'm savoring these final days of summer and hope you are too. :)

The end of the month means another edition of my monthly favorites.

Here's what I 've been loving this month...

1. Palisade Peaches
Although I miss the abundance of fresh produce in California - [...]

Link Love: what I’ve been reading…

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I hope you had a good weekend. For your reading pleasure here are a few links to interesting articles from around the web...

The more I learn about gut health the more amazed I am. Check out these 5 surprising ways your gut health affects your weight, mood and stress. (

A helpful guide to nut [...]

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