Taking a breather today…

Hi Beauties!

Sorry there isn't a new post today. I'm taking a breather due to the launch of The Sisterhood that officially kicks off this Sunday (are you signed up yet?).

I've got my desk covered in workout calendars, recipes, books & research on productivity (February's theme) as I prepare for the launch of this exciting new project.

My schedule [...]

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Staying Consistent With Exercise: secret #3

Have these secrets to staying consistent with exercise been making you think?

I hope so. These are things I've learned through watching hundreds of my online clients reach their goals.

And these are the secrets that have helped me get to a place where I can confidently say I love my body, I rarely feel guilty about skipping workouts, [...]

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Staying Consistent With Exercise: secret #2

Did you take some time to narrow your focus when it comes to your health & fitness goals?

If you missed Monday’s secret to workout consistency you can read it in my last post.

We’re moving on today and revealing the second secret to staying consistent with exercise and healthy habits in the New Year.

Secret #2: Unwavering Support
I know [...]

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3 Secrets To Staying Consistent With Exercise

Now that we’ve tackled ways to live a cleaner, more natural life in 2015, I want to move on to what may be the most important topic of all when it comes to living a healthy, balanced life: consistency.

Consistency is the perhaps THE most important factor in your success this year.

And ironically, it’s one of [...]

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Soybu + Macy’s Event

Hi Beauties,

I wanted to pop in and let you know about a fun event taking place in Denver this weekend.

The Details:

Who: Soybu + Macy's

What: a fitness- fashion event that will include fashion shows, raffles, prizes and snacks

When: Saturday, January 17th from 11:00 - 3:00

Where: Macy's Westminister and Macy's Park Meadows

As a Soybu community leader I'll [...]

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Baby Steps To Clean Living: the toxin free kitchen

We're kicking off 2015 by cleaning up our diets, homes and lifestyles.

We're removing toxins, focusing on health giving ourselves grace in the process. We're not trying to be perfect (or neurotic) just informed and intelligent.

Today we're tackling the kitchen.

This will likely be a gradual process since things like pots and pans can be expensive. But that's [...]

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Baby Steps To Clean Living: natural cleaning products

Happy Friday Beauties!

First things first, we have a winner to announce. Congratulations, Janine! You are the lucky winner of the Luxe De Mer body scrub. Send me an email to claim your prize. :)

When it comes to removing toxins from our daily routine, cleaning products are a good place to start.

Remember, we're taking BABY STEPS to [...]

Baby Steps To Clean Living: non toxic baby products

Today's topic in the Baby Steps To Clean Living series is natural, non toxic baby products.
When I got pregnant, I made it a goal to do a healthy amount of research on the safest products for pregnancy and babies.

I say HEALTHY amount of research because friends, the internet can be a scary place. And as someone [...]

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Baby Steps To Clean Living: natural skin care & makeup

On Friday we kicked off a new series called Baby Steps To Clean Living.

The idea is to take little steps to live a more natural, healthy life while removing toxins from our daily routines.

We're not talking totally life overhaul.

That can be overwhelming.

We're talking small steps and simple swaps to set the stage for living clean [...]

Baby Steps To Clean Living: clean eating

What better way to kick off the new year than cleaning up our diet, home and lifestyle?

No, I'm not talking about getting down and scrubbing the floors, I'm talking about cleaning up our daily lives; taking steps to reduce the amount of toxins in our daily routine.

When I asked you all for feedback on my [...]

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FREE 2015 Vision Guide

Happy New Year's Eve!

I don't know about you, but I love the start of a new year.

I love the fresh start.

I love the opportunity to reflect on the past year and set goals for the year ahead.

While I'm definitely a big fan of goal setting, I've also become a big fan of creating clear vision [...]

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Grace Over Guilt…print now on sale!

Those of you who have been a part of this community for a while, whether it be through my online programs or regular reading, know that I continually encourage letting go of guilt when it comes to health and fitness.

Obsessing over calories and missed workouts is no way to live.

"Grace over guilt" has become our [...]

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