Choco-Banana Smoothie Bowl

Some days you just need a little something sweet. Especially when you're 7 months pregnant. :)

I whipped up this Choco-Banana Smoothie Bowl the other day and HAD to share it with you. Be careful, you'll want to eat one every day.

Choco-Banana Smoothie Bowl
(serves 1)


- 1 frozen banana

- 1 tablespoon cocoa powder or raw cacao

- 1 tablespoon [...]

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What I used to think was healthy…

I recently watched the documentary, Fed Up, and was reminded of the fact that many Americans do not have a good understanding of what it really means to eat a healthy diet.

In fact the word "healthy" has been completed manipulated. When people say something is "healthy" are they referring to the fat content? The calorie [...]

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Link Love: what I’ve been reading…

Hi beauties!

Here are some links to interesting things I've been reading around the web...

Popcorn 4 Ways (Nutrition Stripped)

A good motherhood mantra. (A Cup Of Jo)

A powerful post on self-talk. I couldn't agree more. (Seth Godin)

Making exercise a higher priority than business. (Time)

Erin Loechner on style & substance. A MUST read. (


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Thoughts on the 2nd trimester…

I can't believe the 2nd trimester has come and gone!

Wow, the second pregnancy goes so much faster than the first. I feel like I've hardly had a chance to take pictures, prepare for baby or even stop to think much about his pregnancy. I will consider that a good thing though, I'm grateful that there [...]

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Protected: Sisterhood Spotlight: Ali Grace

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Q&A Wednesday: balancing work, family & difficult clients

Today's question came from a reader who is a personal trainer and nutritionist who runs a very successful business while still trying remain sane, present and engaged at home with her husband and kids.

Hi Robin! My questions for you are:

1. How you do you handle difficult/emotionally draining clients?

2. How you do go about balancing work and [...]

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Now accepting guest posts…

Hi Beauties!

I hope you had a nice weekend. :)

I'm excited to announce that The Balanced Life is currently accepting guest blog submissions.

As you know, I'll be having a baby and taking some time off at the end of August. I fully intend to take maternity leave, just like I did with baby #1. When you [...]

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Last chance to join Pilates 4×4!

Hi Beauties,

Happy Friday!

Just popping in to let you know that registration for Pilates 4x4 closes on Sunday night! Sign up now before the weekend begins and you forget.

I am SO excited about this 4-week online Pilates program.

Every Monday you get a new workout sent straight to your inbox. You do that workout 4x during the week. [...]

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May Favorites…

I know it's technically June (crazy!) but due to the launch of Pilates 4x4 (are you signed up yet?), I'm a little behind on my blog schedule. :)

Here's a little round-up of some of my favorite products/services/things from the month of May...

1. Thrive Market

Think Whole Foods meets Costco plus front door delivery. Does it get [...]

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Protected: Sisterhood: June Monthly Mission!

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Words from Balanced Life beauties…

I receive a lot of emails throughout the week. Many of which are when a client or Sisterhood member needs help our troubleshooting. I do a lot of customer service and technical help. But every once and awhile I get an email from a client that reminds me why I do what I do.

I wanted to [...]

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Protected: Sisterhood: June Calendar, Workout & Recipes!

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