Join the Sisterhood!

Robin's monthly subscription service is the perfect way to stay consistent and stay on track

I have a question for you.

  • Do you tend to set health and fitness goals every year but lose motivation as the year goes on?
  • Have you ever wondered why you can’t be more consistent when it comes to your workouts?
  • Maybe you tell yourself that “tomorrow” will be the day you get back on track. Or that you’ll start working out and eating healthy again on “Monday.”

If you’re relating to any of this, you know that “tomorrow” never comes. Or if it comes, it’s only a matter of time before you’ve fallen back into your old routines and habits that leave you feeling blah and defeated.

Over the past 5 years I’ve been creating online programs for women who are tired of the exhausting diet/exercise cycle that so many of us fall victim to time and time again.

I’ve helped thousands of women find a system, plan and routine that actually WORKS and creates a lifestyle change rather than a temporary fix.

As a woman who balances running my own business, working from home, caring for my 3-year-old and 9-month-old, keeping a home in decent shape and maintaining friendships, I understand how hard it is prioritize exercise, time for myself and my health.

After years of requests I’m thrilled to invite you to join The Balanced Life Sisterhood.

The Balanced Life Sisterhood is a monthly subscription service designed to help you stay focused, stay consistent and stay motivated with your workouts and healthy lifestyle goals throughout the year.

This is truly a service that WE built together. I asked for your input, you sent me your ideas and I created a program based on what YOU truly want and need.

The Balanced Life Sisterhood is a place for women who are looking to live a healthy, balanced life without sacrificing all that makes life so enjoyable (wine and chocolate anyone?).

It’s a place that’s full of support, free of competition and full of resources designed to simplify the path to healthy, balanced, stress-free living.


As a Balanced Life Sisterhood Member, each month you will receive:

  • A monthly workout calendar comprised of primarily short (5-10 minute) workouts from my YouTube channel, along with full-length workouts mixed in.
  • At minimum, one brand new 30-40 minute Pilates or barre video workout that focuses on unique goals and needs (examples: Buns & Guns, Pilates For Stress Relief, Core Challenge, Lower Body Lift, and many more) plus access to The Balanced Life archives that continue to grow as the year goes on.
  • Monthly Missions: each month we’ll focus on a single theme to help us live a more balanced, healthy, stress-free life. I’ll provide worksheets and resources for you to focus on this one specific mission each month.
  • A sneak peek into our Monthly Missions:
    • Mastering Willpower
    • Clean-Eating
    • Taking time for play & leisure
    • Meal Planning
    • Practicing Presence/Mindfulness
    • Living With Gratitude
  • A free printable with the Monthly Mission’s theme beautifully designed for you by Rachel Allene to hang on your wall for daily inspiration and encouragement.
  • Monthly Recipe Bundle: each month I send a Recipe bundle with healthy, fresh meal ideas for you to try and enjoy.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with your Balanced Life sisters as we all work through the monthly workout calendars and missions together.
  • A Balanced Life Sister: looking for more personal accountability? I’ll set you up with a Balanced Life sister so that you can connect and keep each other on track as you work toward your goals and focus on the monthly missions. Totally optional but highly encouraged. ☺
  • Sisterhood discounts on my future online programs along with discounts on my favorite products exclusively for The Balanced Life Sisterhood.


"I'm a homeschooling mom, so it can be tough (and frustrating) for me to get to the gym, or even to get in the high intensity workouts that I was doing at home without getting interrupted. With Robin's online workouts, I am able to easily fit them in any time of the day at home, and can easily pause the workouts if I needed to help one of my kids with something. It never feels like a burden to do her's more like a reward! A little window of time to take care of me. I always finished feeling strong and refreshed, ready to take on the rest of my day."

Brooke K.
"Her message of grace over guilt and changing your entire mindset when it comes to healthy eating and exercising was exactly what I needed to hear. I started with her free, 10-minute programs and noticed an immediate difference. My core, which has always been weak, immediately started to firm up and feel stronger. I also found what Robin says to be so true, taking the time to fit in Pilates as a way to care for yourself carries over into other areas of you life such as what you eat and wanting to move more in other ways too. I added walking to my daily routine and in about 3 months I was down 15 pounds and feeling much stronger and more energetic. Robin is amazing to work with."
Adrienne E.
"Having the opportunity to connect with women who were on the same journey that I am on played a PIVOTAL role in my success. I lost 10 lbs and great improved my overall muscle tone. I couldn’t have done it without support.”
Tracy L.

BONUS: if you sign up now you’ll also receive 3 bonus 15-minute videos for FREE:

  • Core Power: Abs, abs & more abs
  • Stretching & Stress Relief: Perfect for days you just need to move and re-charge
  • Pilates Full Body Circuit: a 10 minute video with 1 move for each body part that can easily be repeated 2-3x for a full, body circuit workout.


  • Monthly Workout Plan
  • New Full Length Pilates/Barre Workouts Monthly
  • Monthly Recipe Ideas
  • Accountability Partners
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Health Missions and Free Printables

Full Year

$11700One Time Fee *
  • Monthly Workout Plan
  • New Full Length Pilates/Barre Workouts Monthly
  • Monthly Recipe Ideas
  • Accountability Partners
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Health Missions and Free Printables
  • 3 months FREE

Monthly plans can cancel anytime.

* Full refunds offered within 30 days of purchase