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How To Correct Muscle Imbalance Through Pilates

Balance is a fundamental principle of the Pilates method. While it can be applied in a variety of different ways, today I want to focus on the value and importance of  sculpting a balanced body. More specifically, how to correct muscle imbalance through Pilates.

Most of us have developed muscle imbalances over the years without even knowing [...]

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How To Write A Health Vision

Lately I've been thinking about all the visions we have for our individual lives. Sometimes they're very clear, like owning a home, falling in love or having kids, and sometimes they're more vague. We know we want something but haven't actually put words or details to the notion yet.

This came up for me when my [...]

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The Sisterhood: May’s Mission!

Hello Sisterhood!

This month's mission is a favorite of mine. If you've been a member for awhile you may remember working on this one back in September. It's a mission that is worth revisiting because of the profound impact it can have on our health and daily routine.

May Mission: Morning Routines
Prior to having my second baby, [...]

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DIY Mat Cleaner

Do you ever clean your Pilates/yoga mat? Here is a simple DIY mat cleaner that you can make at home!

This simple recipe utilizes with hazel, water and essential oils. You can switch up the oils based on your preferences, but here are the reasons I chose tea tree, lavender and peppermint oil in my DIY mat cleaner:

Lavender: eliminates [...]

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Sisterhood: May Calendar, Workout + Recipes!

Hi Sisters!

If you enjoyed the 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge, then you will LOVE this month's workout calendar.

Together, as a community, we'll be working our way through the Pilates Summer Series!

This is a series (much like the 30-day challenge) that I created with Athleta a few years back. The workouts were filmed on the beach in Santa Barbara so you'll [...]

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8 Organizing Mistakes You May Be Making

Hi Beauties!

Our mission this month in The Balanced Life Sisterhood is called "Spring Refresh."

We're focusing on refreshing our homes a little bit at a time to reduce clutter, reduce stress and bring a sense of peace and calm to our daily lives.

If you want to join us, click here. You'll get access to helpful resources and room [...]

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Sisterhood: April Mission (part 4)

Hi Beauties!

I hope that by now that your home is feeling lighter and fresher than it did on April 1st. :)

Remember, our goal this month is to reduce unnecessary stress and clutter so that we can feel more balanced in our daily lives.

This is our last week of the mission and we're focusing on an [...]

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Pilates Reformer Workout: 30 minutes, Full Body

A new 30-minute, full body Pilates reformer workout is up on my YouTube channel!

This Pilates reformer workout will strengthen your body from head to toe. We start with foot work and end with a nice hip work section that will strengthen your lower body while improving flexibility in your hips.

Keep in mind that you should have a good [...]

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Sisterhood// April Mission (part 3)

Hi Beauties!

Did you have a chance to clean out your closet yet? I know it may seem like a big chore, but I promise it will feel SO good!

I donated a huge pile of clothes and shoes over the weekend and I feel lighter and refreshed. I hope you're feeling that way too.

Before we dive [...]

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Apple-Blueberry-Mango Smoothie + Vitamix Sale!

Hi Beauties!

2 things I'm loving this morning: the spring sunshine and my Vitamix.

I REALLY hesitated spending so much money on a blender. In fact, I bought 2 other high-powered blenders before finally splurging on the Vitamix.

And believe it or not, it was our pediatrician that gave me the final push I needed to make the purchase, [...]

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Sisterhood// April Mission (part 2)

Hi Beauties!

How did your first week of the Spring Refresh go?

If you didn't get around to refreshing your kitchen there's still plenty of time. Just be sure to add it to your To-Do list so you don't forget. :)
Week 2: Closet Refresh!
This week we're tackling our closets! While some of you are thinking "no big [...]

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Sisterhood: April Mission!

Hello Sisterhood!

I'm so excited to dive in to this month's mission together....

For those of you who are new here, the Monthly Mission provides an opportunity for us to make sure we are caring for our WHOLE selves: mind, body and spirit.

True health goes beyond exercise. It's a lifestyle. In order to live healthy, vibrant, and [...]

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