Since I was pregnant for nearly half of 2013, many of these posts have a theme :)

This was one of my favorites to write. And now I'm thinking I need to do a follow up of how I've changed even MORE since becoming a mother.

The #6 most popular post of 2013...


How Being Pregnant Has Changed My Relationship With Food, Exercise & My Body

As I write this post, I'm 6 months pregnant and enjoying a giant bottle of water and brownie. My idea of balance these days :)

I knew pregnancy would be an interesting experience and I was eager (and maybe a little nervous) to find out how my body would handle it. Every body is different, every woman is different, and from what I hear, every pregnancy is different.

As a full-time Pilates professional (and a woman) I had my concerns. I wondered how I'd feel gaining weight each week and not being able to be as active as I am used to being.

6 months in, I am able to say that pregnancy has certainly changed my relationship with food, exercise and my body...

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