As you can probably tell, the workouts are picking up in intensity this week. You're all getting stronger by the day so I'm increasing the difficulty level to keep you on your toes.


Don't be discouraged if the workouts still feel hard - I'm making designing them that way on purpose so that you can continue to challenge your strength and endurance.

When this challenge is complete you are going to LOVE the way you feel.

Okay, without further ado, we have a giveaway winner to announce!

You all shared amazing photos and beautiful inspiration throughout the week. There is no way I could select a winner on my own so I relied on to select the lucky lady.


Congratulations Jennifer! To claim your prizes send me an email: robin (at) the

I can't wait to work with you one-on-one next month! :)

If you didn't win, hang in there. I will be hosting more exciting giveaways in the weeks to come! The next one will be announced on Saturday (there are still 2 more scholarship spots to fill).

Let's workout...

Today we're working those beautiful legs of yours!

I'm still working from home but hope to be back in the studio tomorrow. Baby comes first. Thanks for your understanding and support! She is feeling much better today. :)

Today's Check-In: Let's hydrate! Snap a photo to show me how you're staying hydrated today. Be sure to use the hashtag #28daysofpilates.




PS- are you feeling guilty because you've fallen behind? Don't worry about it! This is a place where we choose grace over guilt. Just start fresh today and jump right back in.

You can choose to start where you left off or simply join us on day 12. All that matters is that you stop beating yourself up and keep moving forward.


PPS - you may also enjoy choose beauty: a new perspective.


disclaimer: these videos were created for individuals in good health. Robin recommends that you speak with your doctor prior to beginning a new exercise routine. By doing this video you do so at your own risk and agree to release Robin Long and The Balanced Life of any and all liability.