I hope you had a great Christmas! I've been enjoying some lazy, cozy days with my family and am feeling energized to gear up for some exciting new things here on The Balanced Life in 2014.

But for now, let's continue our year in review.

This post has always been one of my favorites.

Any time a woman steps forward to share her journey I am reminded of why I do this and how important this work is.

There is power in vulnerability and Jasmine's story is nothing but powerful.

The #2 most popular post of 2013...


Jasmine's Pilates Body Update: before & after

Over the past year I've had a handful of women repeat The Pilates Body Program. I love the enthusiasm and I also understand why they do it. Once you've had the experience of being led through a program, with regular check-in's and email support you discover how helpful that is in working toward your goals. You no longer have to do it alone and personal accountability and encouragement goes a long way.

Jasmine participated in The Pilates Body Program over the summer and joined again this January to re-commit to her goals and help her get back on track after the holidays...

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