3 Simple Strategies to Tone Up & Slim Down QUICKLY (#2)

Before we dive into Simple Strategy #2, I’m curious…did you make the adjustments to your beverage intake over the past few days? How did it go?
After you read today’s post leave a comment and give me [...]

3 Simple Strategies to Tone Up & Slim Down QUICKLY

Can I confess something to you?

For years I refused to wear shorts.

Looking back, I just didn't have the confidence to show my legs.

They never fit right, never looked right and I couldn’t get over [...]

Pilates Summer Series: Day #15 (guest instructor!)

Happy Friday Beauties!

And welcome to your LAST workout of the 2015 Pilates Summer Series.

If you're still with me, you should be SO proud of your hard work and dedication. I know how busy life is and how [...]

Pilates Summer Series: Day #14 + what to do now…

Hi Beauties!
I hope you're having a good week so far.

A new Pilates Summer Series workout is up and ready to go, but before we dive in I want to take a minute to talk about [...]

Pilates Summer Series: Day #13 + Summer Skincare Tips

Given that this week's giveaway is all about summer beauty, I thought it would be fun to invite my friend, Chelsey, one of the founders of Luxe De Mer to share her best summer skincare [...]

Pilates Summer Series – Day #12 + a GIVEAWAY!

Hi Beauties!

Welcome to the final week of the Pilates Summer Series. We have a lot of exciting things in store this week. So let's get started...

"Summer Beauty" Giveaway!
We've covered fitness and food, so now it's time [...]

Pilates Summer Series – Day #11 (core strength)

It's hard to believe we're entering the final week of the Pilates Summer Series. This has been so much fun hasn't it?

I LOVE how our Pilates sisterhood has grown over the past few weeks. Did [...]