We’re Moving To The Beach!

Remember a few weeks back when I mentioned that life "thew me a curve ball?"

Well, I can finally share the news...The Balanced Life HQ is moving!

After 3 years in Colorado we are heading back to [...]

Creative Ways To Exercise With Young Kids

Hi Beauties!

I recently recorded a podcast with one of my favorite blogs, Coffee + Crumbs, and one of the topics we discussed was how my workout routine has changed since having my second child. I [...]

{FREE WORKSHOP} Simple Strategies to Tone Up & Slim Down QUICKLY…

Have a vacation or special event coming up that you would like to look and feel your best for?

Join me for a FREE workshop this Tuesday night!

I'll be sharing my best tips to help you [...]

Registration for SUMMER SCULPT is now open!

Confession time.

7 years ago I was 24 lbs. heavier, working a desk job, struggling to find time to exercise and feeling really, REALLY uncomfortable in my skin.

I thought I was eating pretty healthy but my [...]

Make Your Own Cold Brew Iced Coffee

how to make your own cold brew iced coffee

It's no secret that I have a Starbucks obsession.

I treat myself more often than most.

The funny thing is, I drink decaf these days. So it's not even [...]

How To Correct Muscle Imbalance Through Pilates

Balance is a fundamental principle of the Pilates method. While it can be applied in a variety of different ways, today I want to focus on the value and importance of  sculpting a balanced body. More [...]

How To Write A Health Vision

Lately I've been thinking about all the visions we have for our individual lives. Sometimes they're very clear, like owning a home, falling in love or having kids, and sometimes they're more vague. We know [...]